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How to avoid unsafe services while choosing essays for sale

Essay writing is a skill that some students do not have. While it may appear as an easy task, the truth is that essay writing is involved. Students have to take time and understand the instructions, research about the topic, compile the paper, and proofread it before submission. Due to the busy schedule of some learners, getting the time to write essays is problematic. The availability of essay writing services has made it easy for students. However, it has also exposed students to unsafe services. Instances of students losing cash to scam websites have increased. Here, you will discover ways of avoiding unsafe services for pre-written essay for sale.

Consult your Mates
You probably know people who have used essay writing services successfully. Some of them are your friends and classmates hence you can reach them. Since you do not know much about college essays for sale, talk to those who have used these services before. Ask them about their experiences with specific companies. Allow them to tell you how to go about choosing the most appropriate service. Getting advice from people close to you will enable you to avoid some of the mistakes they made with essay writing services. You will avoid losing money to illegitimate services.

Don’t go Cheap
The best online writing services are costly. You have to make a huge investment to get high-quality work. As a student, you are probably struggling to budget your money. You could be having a part-time job to supplement your income. At the same time, you could be planning to travel. All this implies that your budget is tight. When you get an opportunity, you would wish to reduce your expenditure.

Nonetheless, you need to appreciate that cheap can be expensive. Avoiding ordering papers in some of the cheap essay writing services that promise to deliver jobs in a few hours. Chances are that such services do not develop the papers from scratch. They may be copying previously written papers. Instead of relying on cheap services that deliver substandard jobs, it is better to spend money and get quality paper.

Request a Plagiarism Report
Plagiarism will earn you a zero. It may also adversely affect your academic work. While most writing sites assure their clients of 0% plagiarism, there is a possibility that a writer may decide to copy some parts of the paper. You need to be careful about plagiarism. Ensure that the service offers plagiarism-free writings. Order papers only on reliable websites that guarantee clients of papers written from scratch.

Ask the writer to provide in-text citations. The move would allow your instructor to see that you acknowledge other peoples’ ideas. Besides, since you have paid a lot of money, you should demand that the writer submits a plagiarism report of the paper. This would give you the assurance that the content is unique. Do not accept an order that is not plagiarism free.

Ask for Samples
Safe essay writing help services are willing to give samples of their works. If you are dealing with a service for the first time, you need to know what they can offer. A reliable service will have no problems giving you samples. The samples will assist you to:
  • Identify the writing style of the writers. You need to ensure that the writing style of the writers match yours. You do not want professors to detect that someone else did the paper on your behalf.
  • Check the grammar. The samples will allow you to determine the kind of grammar the writers use.
  • Determine the quality of the papers. You will use the samples to see how the writers present their arguments. This will allow you to determine whether or not the service is appropriate for you.
In case a writing company is not willing to provide samples, then this is a red flag that it is unsafe. Only work with the services that are willing to showcase what they can do.

Are the writers specialists?
No single writer is qualified to handle all subjects. Different writers are comfortable handling different subjects. Reliable writing help services are willing to let you know about the academic qualifications of their writers. With such information, you can select the most appropriate writer for your order.

Where an online company is not willing to tell clients about the credentials of their writers, then it is unsafe for you. In most cases, such a company has few writers who handle all essays including those outside their academic qualifications. With such writers, you are likely to score low marks for your paper.

Do they provide 24/7 customer service?
A reliable company will provide a proper means of communication. It will allow you to communicate with your writer where you can ask about the progress of your job. A service without a 24/7 customer service is unsafe. There is a possibility that it can fail to deliver jobs on time and you will have no way of inquiring from them. Besides, constant communication with your writer is critical in customizing the paper to meet your requirements. Sometimes, you may get additional information from the tutor. This means that the final paper must reflect the new requirements. Without a 24/7 customer service, you will be unable to inform the writer of the new instructions.

Check their Guarantees
Before you choose the company which will help you to write a perfect essay, you need to consider the guarantee offered.
  • Does the service offer free revisions for orders that do not meet the requirements?
  • Can you get a refund when a writer does not deliver a high-quality paper?
  • Does the company promise to deliver orders on time?
A service that does not offer guarantees is unreliable. If it does not deliver as expected, then you will have no grounds to claim for a refund.

Conclusively, the number of essay writing companies have increased. Online writing has become popular as more learners seek these services. The increase in essay writing services is an advantage for students because they can choose the most appropriate ones. However, some of the services are unsafe and exist to take advantage of students. You need to be careful so that you do not lose your money to such sites. Besides, you need to be aware that other companies do not have the capacity to offer quality jobs. You need to research well before deciding on an online writing service.

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