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Busting common blackjack myths

Whoever plays cards at 666casino has to deal with beliefs and superstition. But there are beliefs that more than superstition are real myths. Below we are going to list a few myths which have found fertile ground and became known all over the world.

Here is a list of the most common myths on Blackjack

The bad players
One of the most common myth is that bad players, affect also our results. There is a true belief which says that a player who doesn’t even know how to play properly changes the result of our hand as well, bringing on us, bad luck.

This myth was born, actually, because a “not educated” player makes weird choices and has unpredictable behaviour which condition our mood, making us make bad decisions. The only risk we can take if a newbie or a rookie is sat next to us is that we get distracted.

After a long series of losing hands, we are due to win
Blackjack, as well as other card games, doesn’t respect any pattern. Each card picked up from the sabot is the result of the casualty. Keep in mind the BJ deck is made up of 364 cards. This means that there are infinite possible combinations. There isn't any law which says that after a series of losses we have to win, not even the statistic.

A high bankroll can help you win
Sticking to what certain players say, the higher is your bankroll the higher are your chances of winning. Once again, math helps us to understand why this assertion is unfounded. Assuming we have unlimited funds, then we can keep playing for as long as we want. Now, considering the number of cards, which is high but still limited, after a while the dealer has to shuffle or taking a new sabot. This gesture can be considered as a reset. We are starting again from scratch. This simple explanation, alone, is enough to bust the myth of the high bankroll.

It is illegal for a player counting the cards
Fourth on the list but probably one of the first myth easy to meet out there when playing is the belief that counting the cards is illegal. First of all, it is not. The reasons are simple, no one can read our mind, then how can someone else assert we are counting? The second reason which makes everything even easier to understand, no one can count the cards. Counting the cards is not matters of memory. Even if we can remember every single card extracted from the deck, which is impossible by the way, how can we know which card will be picked up next? Then whatever decision we make can be for sure the result of a strategy but it is not, and never will, a move 100% sure.

Final thoughts
Legends and myths make everything more exciting but we must learn to distinguish them to defend ourselves from silly players who believe in such things.

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