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HBO Shows You Shouldn't Miss

Every year, new series appear that attract millions of viewers due to the fascinating stories they depict. The top of the best online long-form television series we have prepared below include the most anticipated and appreciated from HBO, whether we are talking comedy, love or horror series.

The Handmaid's Tale
The story of a servant is based on Margaret Atwood's famous book. The series can be watched on HBO and features a future where the United States becomes a totalitarian society led by men, and women have the main role only in reproduction. The families of the rulers are brought a servant, a fertile woman, who has the role to participate in the ritual of reproduction and to give birth to heirs. The Handmaid's Tale series has drawn record audiences and will fascinate you.

The Young Pope
Since its launch The Young Pope has aroused a series of controversies, but also much appreciation. It follows the story of an American cardinal who becomes Pope and chooses the Catholic name of Pius XIII. He exercises his full power but sometimes his actions become ridiculous. The series never gets boring, but is incredibly challenging.

Game of Thrones
A true phenomenon, Game of Thrones is the most watched series of all time. Inspired by the famous series of fantasy novels from George R. R. Martin "A Song Of Ice And Fire". The HBO show depicts the struggle for power and the Iron Throne. It has kept millions of viewers in suspense for eight seasons. You must watch it if you haven't done so yet.

The most popular series of 2019, you can watch Chernobyl on Netflix as well. The Chernobyl series presents the true story of a man-made catastrophe, perhaps the largest catastrophe in human-created history, the nuclear disaster that occurred in Soviet Ukraine, April 1986. Chernobyl follows the courage of the women and men who fought to save Europe from this unimaginable disaster. From the series you will find out how and why this disaster happened.

The Durrells
The Durrells is an English series with three seasons which you can watch on HBO. It follows a woman who decides to leave England for Corfu, along with her four children. After her husband's death she is left with a lot of material shortcomings, the children are a big headache because of her adolescence and self-discovery. Adapting to the new life is a challenge, and this action turns into a cinematic delight.

Barry may immediately become your favorite show due to the comedy that will keep you in suspense in each episode. The series brings to the fore the story of a paid assassin who lived in depression until he had a revelation and discovered the fascinating world of theater. But Barry discovers that he cannot so easily leave the traces of his violent past in favor of his new passion. The series received three Emmy awards for the first season.

An English production that portrays London in the 1800s, Taboo tells the story of James Delaney (played by Tom Hardy) who returns after spending more than 12 years in Africa. The inheritance of a piece of land, but also more the diamonds stolen there, plays a strategic role in the war between England and the United States. Delaney now has to fight for the first multinational in history, the famous East India Company. Taboo presents a series of supernatural elements that you must see.

The Wire
One of the most popular HBO series, The Wire features Dominic West in the lead role of Detective Jimmy McNulty. A violent show set in the city of Baltimore and following its relationship with the police, law enforcement and a series of dangerous characters. The Wire has become one of the most appreciated series of all time due to the professional way in which topics are explored, such as politics, crime and society.

Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies follows the destinies of several strangers that intersect following a tragedy. Bringing together Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz and Reese Witherspoon, Big Little Lies is one of the best HBO series in recent years and has captivated audiences by depicting the seemingly perfect lives of some moms who are about to breakdown due to secrets that are about to be discovered.

Watching television and movies is the second most popular choice amongst people to spend their free time. The first one is gaming, and some Slotpark games are movie themed. HBO have a huge selection of great long form television series' and movies so, regardless of what you're choosing to watch, you should make sure to have the perfect setup: grab some popcorn, chips and soda and enjoy!

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