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Is Gaming A Sport? Well, Kind Of, Yes!

Gaming is huge in today’s world. There are hundreds of exciting games to delve into, meeting friends across the world and getting involved with a virtual world that takes us on new journeys and adventures that we could not possibly do ourselves. Gaming is a sport. But why exactly is it and will we start to look at the world of gaming differently after this? Sports are such a huge part of our lives. We sit and watch football, or we go see a baseball game. Perhaps we follow NHL 20 and all of the exciting things that come along with it. With sports, we are watching strategy, skill and excitement. So gaming, really, is very much the same.

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Video games require attention, focus and very fast reflexes also, you have to be on the ball and especially in sports games. Even though it is not a physical activity, it is using the part of our brain that would be used with physical reflexes in physical sports, and there is a lot of energy and brain power required to play. Whether we believe it or not, it is a form of ‘exercise’. It gets the blood pumping and has us prepared for battle so to speak. One of the reasons why video games should be considered a sport is the fact that it is incredibly competitive and you can win certain titles and awards for your participation, a lot like ‘real life’ sport. You can take any of the skills you use in gaming and adapt it to your business.

You must also be quick to respond. It’s a very important ability required for nearly all types of sports games and athletes alike, especially if it is someone such as a hockey goaltender. Successful video game players must also be able to quickly respond to a game and this may be related to shooting, out racing another player, moving quickly and dodging tackles.

If you want to be a professional gamer, especially a sporting gamer, you must ensure that you dedicate the time and energy into it. The skills that you learn from sports gaming will be really important in succeeding at the game as well as improving cognitive skills. Using your cognitive skills in gaming is very important, but there are many who still don’t believe that it is actually a sport. Here’s why. Video gaming is easy and has almost no physical activity which is technically needed to be classed as a sport. Sports aren't something you can do just by sitting down in the comforts of your own home or on your couch. Sport is about being actively and physically involved with others to create a game physically and using energy not digitally. They are some of the reasons that people will say.

Truthfully, it is relatively subjective and whilst it does take skill, it may not take physical dedication like other sports but it certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing and during these times at present, video gaming is definitely the next best thing!

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