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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: August 9th

It's Real Time!

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Aug 9th
Although there are no televisual episodes of Doctor Who that received their premiere broadcast on August 9th at any time throughout the show's history we do, thankfully, have the second episode of the 2002 Doctor Who webcast Real Time. What is Real Time about I hear you ask? Well...
There has been a series of mysterious vanishings on the desert planet Chronos in the 33rd century. Survey teams working for a university seem to have simply vanished amongst the pyramids on the planet. Alongside two other survey teams and an expert on cybernetics, the Doctor and Evelyn learn the deadly truth: that the planet Chronos is being used as a base for one of the Doctor's oldest and deadliest foes — the Cybermen.
How did Real Time come about, you say? Well, Real Time was produced by Big Finish Productions for BBCi, which was then the interactive television service arm of the BBC, and was originally a webcast on the BBC Doctor Who website (from 2 August – 6 September 2002) before being released on CD. Starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, this second episode was available to watch from 12:00pm on August 9th 2002.

Can I watch Real Time now, you request. Well, yes you can! In fact you can view the whole thing here.

You're welcome.

Join us again tomorrow for another round-up of the episodes broadcast, the spin-offs, the special events, the birthday's celebrated and anything else of note that went down on this day in Doctor Who history.

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