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Wonder Woman On The Small And Big Screen

Fans of the DC Extended Universe are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming movie Wonder Woman 1984, which is due to be released in the autumn. The sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman is set during the Cold War, as the Princess of the Amazons takes on the formidable enemies, Barbara Minerva and Maxwell Lord. With Wonder Woman’s imminent return, what better time to look back at the character’s previous outings on the small and big screen?

DC Extended Universe Movies
How it took from the 1940s when Wonder Woman first appeared in comic books until 2016 for the most famous female comic book character on the planet to feature in a big-screen movie is anyone’s guess. While other superheroes have a rich history of cinematic adaptations, Wonder Woman was firmly lagging behind until she finally made her silver screen debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Gal Gadot played the part of Diana Prince and her superheroine alter-ego, and she returned in the role for 2017’s Wonder Woman film. In the same year, she appeared in the Justice League movie, which is set some months after the events of Batman v Superman.

Wonder Woman on the Gaming Screen
Wonder Woman has appeared in various video games. For instance, she is a playable character in Justice League Heroes and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. She also appears in the marvellous Wonder Woman – Bullets & Bracelets slot game, which is available at Casumo online casino. And if you are in the mood for more casino games, check out the Casumo casino live where you can play live games with real dealers.

Wonder Woman – The Pilot Movie
Although Wonder Woman did not star in her own big-screen movie until 2017, the character’s first full-length screen outing was in 1974 in a made-for-television film called Wonder Woman. It was the pilot for a planned TV series by ABC. Cathy Lee Crosby played the lead role, but her version of the iconic Amazonian warrior was a far cry from the original comic book Wonder Woman. In the pilot movie, she appears more like a superspy. Furthermore, she simply did not look the part in her red, white, and blue jumpsuit.

The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
Although the pilot film was not turned into a TV series, ABC and Warner Brothers used the concept to come up with a more traditional presentation of the character. Only a year later, Lynda Carter took on the lead role in the new Wonder Woman series, and the rest is history. The show’s first season was set during World War II, reflecting the original comic book series. But the setting of the second and third series of the show, which was renamed The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, changed to the contemporary setting of the 1970s. The three series were a phenomenal hit and helped to make Wonder Woman as famous as she is today.

Wonder Woman in Animation
Wonder Woman’s first screen outing actually occurred before the 1974 pilot film. In 1972, she appeared in an episode of the animated children’s series The Brady Kids. The story sees the kids meeting Diana Prince and being transported back in time to the ancient Olympic Games. Wonder Woman appeared in other animated television shows of the 1970s and 1980s, including Super Friends and Superman. In more recent times, Cobie Smulders provided the voice for Wonder Woman in 2014’s The Lego Movie, Rica Matsumoto voiced the superhero in 2017’s DC Super Heroes vs Eagle Talon, and singer Halsey voiced the character in 2018’s Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Wonder Woman has also appeared in various other direct-to-DVD animated features.

Abandoned Projects
The Amazonian almost starred in three other live-action projects, but each one was eventually abandoned. Firstly, 1967’s Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince could have been the very first screen outing for Wonder Woman, but the proposed TV series resulted in only a short pilot of around five minutes. It starred Ellie Wood Walker as Wonder Woman. Fast forward to 2010, and Warner Brothers were considering making a new TV show. A pilot starring Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman was made, but it ended up being shelved. And in 2012, it was announced that a new origin story of Wonder Woman called Amazon was being developed. But after various problems with scripting and casting, the project was dropped.

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