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Christmas Movies You Should Have on Your Must-Watch List This Holiday

Can you feel it in the air? Another holiday season is here with us, which means it is time to get out the popcorn, snacks, candy, and all those yummy goodies that will send you running to the gym the next year. It is also a time to prepare your favorite couch, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, relax, and watch your favorite holiday movies before you even think about your New Year’s resolutions. You have probably seen most of the classic holiday movies repeatedly and wondering what is worth setting aside all your plans for the rest of the year. Are you looking for the best Christmas movies to enjoy alone or with your family this year? This list was made for you!

A Princess for Christmas
Although it is unknown if Santa gives anyone a princess for Christmas, that didn’t stop director Michael Damian from working on this made-for-television movie. “A Princess for Christmas” offers a perfect mix of cheers and romance the whole family can enjoy. Although this movie was released as far back as 2011, it still carries everything needed to brighten up your holidays. The story follows Jules as she took up legal guardianship of her niece and nephew following the death of their father. She then falls in love with Ashton after being invited by the children’s grandfather to a palace to spend the Christmas holidays. No need for spoilers here; see the movie and enjoy.
From the old, let’s do a little bit of the new with “Holidate.” You will expect the makers of this movie to dig a little deeper with the title, but that takes nothing away from the story. Sloane and Jackson, played by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, are two strangers who decided it was fun to show up as each other’s fake family holiday dates. This pledge to become each other’s “holidates” was supposed to cover every other holiday in the new year. But if you have had your fair share of holiday romance, you can expect that these two strangers start catching feelings at some point in their little game of pretence. Can you imagine how the story ended too? You’re brilliant! But watch this movie to be sure. And oh, despite its title, Holidate ranks as one of the best Christmas movies to some.

Christmas Ever After
Still, on the subject of digging deeper, there is “Christmas Ever After.” This Lifetime Original movie is about a famous romance novelist who derives inspiration from a breakfast owner and a hunky bed. Unfortunately, because this movie is due for premiering on 6th December, this is how much info we can spill out. But take our word for it and put this movie on your list.
If you’ve already had enough of the sad events this year has burdened us with, you should look away now. If you’ve not had enough yet, then get out your tissues and handkerchiefs. Blackbird stars Susan Sarandon as battling for her life with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Her dying wish is one holiday season with the people she loves most, her family, before giving up her battle with this terminal ailment. If you are used to the work of director Roger Mitchel, then you should expect some level of expressionless or impassive comedy. Blackbird feels like a newly made movie; even though it is a remake of the Danish movie Stepmom (spoiler alert! sorry), it is more than worth putting on your must watch list for this holiday season.

Nothing Like the Holidays
Directed by Alfredo De Villa, this movie is also an oldie but goldie. The story follows a family living in Chicago as they get together for what might turn out as their final holiday season together. The movie is about the individual struggles of each member of the Rodriguez family. And although each family member tries to put personal issues aside for a while for the sake of the holiday period, the latter’s stress only ends up heightening what they are going through. This movie will not set you off on an emotional rollercoaster. However, it will remind you to cherish every moment you have with your family, no matter how complicated and imperfect they are.
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
Musical lovers can gather here. Who can say no to a Christmas musical featuring Forest Whitaker, Ricky Martin, Keegan Michael, Phylicia Rashad, Hugh Bonneville, and so many others? Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is set to make its appearance on November the 13th on Netflix. This exciting movie follows the story of Jeronicus Jangle, whose apprentice makes away with his best inventions. The burden falls on Jangle’s granddaughter to find the invention and put everything else back in place for her grandfather. She works together with a robot, another of her grandfather’s creations. And about the robot: if you’ve seen Wall-E and E.T., you can imagine what it would look like if they had a child together. Anyway, some experts believe watching musicals helps to boost empathy. What better time to be empathetic than the Christmas season?

The War with Grandpa
From one grandpa blues to another, War with Grandpa makes it onto our list. Perhaps, you prefer a goofy family to a singing one. Played by the ever-reliable Robert De Niro, this story is about a child who does not like his grandfather invading his privacy. In some way, this should be relatable to the millions of people worldwide who have had to deal with someone else laying claim to their bedrooms because of lockdown measures. But at least, we can all sit together behind our tv sets and laugh about it. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure that The War with Grandpa is available on the many illegal platforms you may download your movies, but we know you will find it.
The Princess Switch: Switched Again
We cannot speak for the Queen of England or any other monarch out there, but we’re pretty sure the last thing you need is two different people looking like your heir to the throne.

Duchess Margaret inherits the throne to Montenaro (a location that oddly sounds familiar and yet does not exist). Margaret had to rely on her look-alike, Stacy, to step in and save Montenaro before yet another look-alike, Fiona, messes everything up. Is your head spinning yet? Since our star for this movie is Vanessa Hudgins, this is an excellent time to imagine two other people out there looking exactly like her - or it could just be some fancy camera tricks. We will leave you be the judges on this one as you check out The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long, as this movie will be available on Netflix by November 19th. Netflix and switch (sorry, that was an awful attempt).

While we’re still on the subject of royalty, why don’t you check out The Queen’s birthday: what has happened on April the 21st?

Pete’s Christmas
From a princess to a boy who doesn’t think highly of himself, we have Pete’s Christmas. Pete is stuck between two brothers - the younger one is a bookworm, while the older brother is a jock. Pete does not only feel stuck in the middle; he finds himself struggling to stand out in anything. And to make matters worse, he also has to deal with a grumpy grandfather visiting them for Christmas; this puts another layer of pressure on Pete’s shoulders as well as his family’s. As disaster after disaster threatens to ruin Pete’s Christmas, Pete has the supernatural chance of going back in time and redoing Christmas over and over again.

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