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Today In #DoctorWho History: December 5th

Hello! Remember me?

Welcome to our daily round-up of the Doctor Who episodes which received their premiere broadcast on this day throughout the show's long history, along with anything else of note that may have taken place. You can click on any red text to read our full retrospectives/reviews for that episode, and note that all viewing figures listed are for UK broadcasts (unless otherwise stated).

December 5th
We're mixing things up a bit and starting with a Doctor Who video game, as some of you may have rushed out on December 5th 1997 to purchase Destiny Of The Doctors for your PC. The game featured specially recorded audio by Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Nicholas Courtney, and specially recorded audio and video with Anthony Ainley reprising his role as the Master...

Sadly it would be the final time Ainley would play the role. He was invited to play the Master for Big Finish Productions' Doctor Who audio stories, beginning with Dust Breeding in June 2001. But Big Finish were unable to reach a suitable deal with him, and so the part went instead to Geoffrey Beevers. Beevers is, clearly, brilliant as the Master but it is such a shame Ainley never contributed his wonderful voice to the range before his passing in 2004.

Now let's have some episodes shall we?...

Episodes Broadcast
The third episode of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, entitled Day of Reckoning, was broadcast on this day in 1964 and watched by 11.9 million viewers.

Some new-Who for you, starting with the 2009 Tenth Doctor's animated adventure Dreamland which received it's debut TV airing at 10am on December 5th. Having already been available to watch on the BBCs Red Button service since November 21st it still drew an audience of half a million. Not 'alf bad.

We also have a Twelfth Doctor adventure broadcast on December 5th 2015, in fact it was the finale of series nine, which finished with Hell Bent. The episode was watched by 4.47 million viewers overnight in the UK, that figure rising to 6.17 million after seven days of time(y)-(wimey)-shifiting.

Join us again tomorrow for another round-up of the episodes broadcast, the spin-offs aired, the special events, the birthday's celebrated and anything else of note that went down on this day in Doctor Who history.

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