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8 Great Reasons Why The Nintendo Switch Has Rightly Outsold PS5 & Xbox Series X

The release of the next-gen consoles grabbed a lot of headlines in 2020. Interestingly, though, the stats show that the Nintendo Switch has actually outsold the two consoles. After a relatively modest start to life following its 2017 release, the Switch is now a bonafide modern classic. It will surely go down as one of the greatest products to ever hit the gaming arena.

On the face of it, the other consoles are more powerful and have greater capabilities. Still, that should not detract from everything that the Nintendo Switch has to offer. Here are just some of the most telling reasons why it continues to thrive!

#1. Availability
There’s no escaping the fact that availability has been a key ingredient in the recipe for Nintendo’s success. There have been times where it has been difficult to source the Switch console. Still, it was far easier to find in the run-up to the festive period than the Microsoft or Sony consoles.

Moreover, the fact that it is now nearly half-a-decade old means that the Switch is blessed with a great catalogue of games, as well as many accessories. Better still, the market is blessed with budget-friendly titles that were released in the console’s early days. Players can also visit NetVoucherCodes.co.uk to secure even better promotions. It ensures that they get even more for their money.

In terms of finding the console, as well as affording it, the Switch stands out as #1 on the market. With ease. However, it only provides value for money due to the other killer features…

#2. The True All-In-One Console
Why buy a handheld console and a home console when you can have them both in one unit? Nintendo tried it with the Wii U and enjoyed some success in the process. However, the Switch is the first console to truly combine the two types of gaming with absolutely stunning results.

The main Switch console can be connected to the TV to be used as a home console. Alternatively, the Joy-Con controllers can be connected to the side of the console, which also hosts a screen, to make it a handheld device. The battery power is impressive with newer models lasting for eight hours of gaming too. The WiFi signal means you can enjoy online features on the go too.

Versatility is taken to the next level thanks to the Joy-Con capabilities. They can be used as a traditional gamepad controllers or held in the hands like the Wii nunchucks. This lets players enjoy a wide range of gaming activities.

#3. Two Of The Best Action-Adventure Games Ever

While the success of a console is determined by many contributing factors, quality games are the central feature. If you enjoy action-adventure titles, the Nintendo Switch is unquestionably the best console for you. Nintendo has focused heavily on this genre since the 1980s, and two of its biggest mascots are still king.

A number of Mario titles have been released for the Switch, including the very fun Paper Mario Origami. However, it’s Super Mario Odyssey that stands out as the best. It is the most beautifully designed game in the entire series. Meanwhile, the use of Cappy allows you to take control of enemies, which opens up plenty of new adventures. There are plenty of little nods to Mario64 and Sunshine.

If Italian plumbers aren't your thing, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the answer. The open-world action-adventure game is, coincidentally, breathtaking. The graphics never cease to amaze you while the storyline is probably the most enthralling of the Link’s series.

#4. Retro Gaming At Its Best
Retro gaming is a big deal to a lot of gamers. Whether you’re an old gamer hoping to rediscover old classics or a parent wanting to connect with a child over those games doesn’t matter. Retro games are often a brilliant way to introduce youngsters to gaming. Without the focus on micropurchases found in modern games like FIFA.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X do have the ability to play games from previous generations of consoles. Likewise, their online libraries have some retro classics. However, they cannot match the Switch. In addition to some of the classic GameCube games and Wii games that have been redeveloped, you can play classics from other consoles. Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Elder Scrolls are just three examples.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo eStore has emulators for the NES and Snes. you can dive back into classics like Donkey Kong, Punch-Out, and more. Retro gaming has honestly never looked better.

#5. Fun For All The Family
Home gaming has evolved over the generations. It went from being a nerdy pastime to something primarily aimed at kids. However, a generational shift caused by the fact millennials grew up with consoles is clear. In 2021, gaming can be enjoyed by all the family, especially with the Switch.

The combination of varied games and different ways to use the Joy-Con controllers allow everyone to get involved. From young kids to grandparents, bowling and active games are great. They offer pick up and play attributes, meaning it’s easy to play but difficult to master. Meanwhile, a plethora of board game-based titles is available. It allows you to play the classics in a modern manner.

It shouldn’t be overlooked that Nintendo’s online play is probably more enjoyable for young players too. Unlike the problems that stem from playing COD or GTA online, many of the Nintendo titles are friendly experiences. The membership is a lot cheaper too!

#6. The Best Fitness Games
Now more than ever, a little fitness around the home is highly beneficial. Unfortunately, this is one area where games consoles have often fallen short. Wii Sports is fun, but hardly a killer workout. Dance mats were once great fun if you had the coordination. And the less said about some of the Kinect games, the better.

The Wii nearly got it right with Wii Fit, but it did all get a little boring pretty quickly. Ring Fit Adventure isn’t the perfect workout. Yet it does keep you active in a far more engaging manner. You can read more about it at TheVerge.com. Meanwhile, Zumba and Fitness Boxing are good cardio alternatives that use the Joy-Cons well. Crucially, they are a lot of fun, which can lead to long-term play.

That is something that can’t be said of many fitness games on other consoles. Meanwhile, fans of the Rocky franchise will be able to play the new Creed game within a matter of weeks. Drago won’t know what has hit him.

#7. Great Personalization Options
A lot of gamers want their gaming experiences to feel personal to them. All of the new consoles have a plethora of accessories, but the Switch definitely focuses on the fun factor. While its virtual reality offering does not match the PSVR, the plethora of other options are amazing.

Firstly, the controllers are available in various colours and styles. In addition to multi-coloured Joy-Cons, you can buy Gamecube style gamepads. Likewise, wired controllers and wireless controllers are available to create a style similar to PS5 or Xbox Series X styles. Attachments like the steering wheels for Mario Kart offer functional flexibility. Pretty much any gamer can find a setup they love.

Speaking of Mario Kart, the Home Circuit pack is bonkers. You get a working RC kart along with accessories to build a course. This is then digitally reimagined on-screen. So, your living room turns into a racetrack. The experience is totally built around you.

#8. It Will Stand The Test Of Time
New PS5 or Xbox One X owners probably won’t worry too much about their console lifespans right now. However, the previous consoles made by both firms shows that they are forgotten once new products are available. Give it another seven years, and it’s likely that the current consoles will seem redundant too.

Nintendo’s consoles have a long history of outperforming the competition in this way. The Snes, Gameboy Advance, and Wii are just three of the older consoles to still enjoy success. With everything that the Switch brings, it’s hard to see its appeal ever truly fading. After all, the vast majority of its catalogue is made up of timeless action games or family titles. They will not fall the same way as COD or annual sports games.

The success of the Nintendo Switch over the past 24 months has been truly deserved. With the plethora of titles set for release in 2021 and 2022, including the new Zelda and Mario titles, continued success is assured.

Nintendo offers a universal appeal to gamers. Old players that can remember the NES and Colour TV-Game have nostalgia. Meanwhile, the colourful characters and fun-fuelled modern games are great for youngsters.

Gaming is now a serious business, but its purpose is to provide fun. The Switch delivers it for casual and hardcore games alike. As such, love for the console continues to grow. When combined with the groundbreaking features, it might be the greatest console ever.

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