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How Zombies Have Become an Important Part of Gaming Culture

There is something about running into zombies in a darkened alleyway or derelict building that never loses its appeal. These brain-eating creatures have become such a huge part of the gaming culture that it is easy to take them for granted, but how and when did they become so popular among gamers?

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The Early Zombie Games
When the first home video games were released, many of them featured a zombie theme, making them attractive to gamers as the genre was popular in the 1980s thanks to the huge number of movies about them released in that decade. Early titles included 1984’s The Evil Dead from Palace Software and the same year’s Zombie Zombie by Quicksilva.

While the appeal of the undead meant that many of these early zombie-infested titles were popular, the truth is that it didn’t take long to realize that there was little to be scared about in them. The rudimentary graphics and sound effects of the time meant that there were no gory effects or noises to add to the atmosphere.

As production values increased over time, developers began to realize the full potential of this genre by adding in creepy images and ever-more realistic zombies. The 1990s saw the release of titles such as Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Resident Evil. Both improved graphics and gameplay ensuring that these re-animated corpses remained at the forefront of gaming.

Various Types of Zombie Game
While the zombie theme is perfect for first-person shooter games, it also lends itself to other gaming genres. For instance, Urban Dead is a text-based online game that has been around since 2005 and the site lists the player count as over 1.6 million. While the web browser set-up looks dated, it still features regularly on the list of the best zombie games ever made.

A look at reveals Zombies by NetEnt as being among the site’s slots games. The blood-splattered symbols that appear over the five reels include brains, eyeballs, and a variety of weapons. A bonus game featuring a ravenous horde and free spins add to the creepy yet interesting gameplay on here.

The Plants vs Zombies franchise, from PopCap Games, brought the idea of fighting the undead to a whole new audience. Rather than shooting them, the player has to set up lines of defense using plants with different types of ability. The immense popularity of the game was shown when Plants vs Zombies 2 was downloaded 25 million times in the two weeks after release.

The Best Zombie Video Games
With hundreds of games about zombies now available, finding the right flesh-rotting adventure can be difficult. Among the most popular titles is the Left 4 Dead series, with the first game released in 2008 and a sequel the following year. With a movie-like presentation, this remains one of the most realistic depictions of zombies in the gaming world.

Another title that has proved popular is Dying Light, which was developed by Techland and allows players to explore an open-world setting using parkour moves. A follow-up was announced in 2018 but has been delayed several times, with the latest tweets from the developer reported by as suggesting that it may come out in 2021.

In 2019 Saber Interactive released World War Z, based on the existing franchise that originated from a book. It sold three million units in the first few months after release. Gameplay focuses on people in different parts of the world who have survived a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie adventures have long been fascinating for gamers and there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon. 

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