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The Magicians: How It Is To Be A Student At Brakebills

There's a big variety of shows offered on TV these days, from soap operas and dramas to documentaries and sitcoms. But one of the most beloved types of TV show genre is fantasy, and one of the best exaples of this genre in recent years is The Magicians, the extremely popular American TV series based on Lev Grosman’s best-selling book of the same name.

A little more about The Magicians
The Magicians is set in a world full of magic, which is taught at the Brakebills College. This institution looks for people with wizardry potential and invites them to take a secret magical exam. The smartest individuals become students of the Brakebills College and learn how to manipulate the reality. However, they also need to discover that magic can be both wondrous and deadly. The series focuses on a group of fearless magicians that deal with various challenges occurring at school. Its twisty plot full of insane surprises can both entertain viewers and force them to think.

If you are a fan of The Magicians, you've probably imagined yourself being a student at Brakebills. But if not, let's do it together! Learn what it could be like to study at Brakebills below.
The history of Brakebills
To better understand how Brakebills works, it would be great to get some information about its history.

University for Magical Pedagogy established in New York is supposed to be the premier institution for the study of magic in North America. It started welcoming students in 1763 and since then it has become the standard-bearer of the magical society.

By the 1920s, the school taught magic almost exclusively. However, in the '30s it became possible for international students to study there. Since then the student body has become more diverse. In the same period, the institution recruited professors from all around, so shamans from Micronesian dot-islands, wizards from inner-city Cairo, and necromancers from southern Morocco joined the staff.

What's taught at Brakebills
To be enrolled at Brakebills, one has to get a personal invitation first, which is not that easy. Potential students are selected by scouts who use enchanted globes to find people with magical abilities. Individuals that may have magical talents are asked to take the Entrance Exam so the admissions board can determine whether they qualify for enrollment or not.

After being enrolled, students get acquainted with the disciplines that they will study. Interestingly, the list of subjects is personal to every Magician because it depends entirely on the circumstances surrounding their birth. To organize the educational process and determine what will be studied by each particular individual, one needs to take into account their birth location, the Moon locations at that time, weather conditions, personality traits, and nearly two hundred more factors.

As you may understand, if you were a Brakebills student, you wouldn't study traditional academic disciplines. Professors wouldn't teach you how to write an essay or how to do your dissertation research to get a degree. At Braksbills, nobody learns how to conduct an independent investigation, lead a project, find credible sources for a paper, or get data-driven results. Such things are not considered helpful in the wizarding environment. Instead, individuals gain valuable knowledge in different fields of magic which are listed below.
Magicians that study Healing work on making innovations in medicine. Healers are aimed at creating the greatest advancements that could cure chronic diseases and some other serious conditions.

Students from the Knowledge department work on the deepening of magical knowledge as a whole. They are involved in exploring the theory of both Physical and Psychic disciplines.

Psychic Magic
Individuals studying Psychic Magic have telepathic, empathic, and prophetic talents. Some of the subjects offered to Psychics are Traveling and Astral Projection.

Illusionists learn to create, shape, and manipulate things that do not actually exist. Disciplines in the Illusions department include Camouflage and Mirror Magic. In classes, students need to learn how to make others perceive things differently from what they truly are.

Natural Magic
Some of the classes included in this discipline are Herbology and Botany. Naturalists focus on the development of the environment by cultivating plants with magical properties.

Final thoughts
Brakebills is an extraordinary school, the main purpose of which is to reveal people's innate abilities and raise generations of illustrious Magicians. The institution’s goal is successfully achieved through teaching five main disciplines depending on students’ natural talents. Hopefully, this article helped you vividly imagine The Magicians’ world and realize what it’s like to be a student at Brakebills.

Author’s BIO
Michael Stoddard is an academic writer at one of the world-leading assignment services for students. In his free time, Michael enjoys reading fantasy books written by contemporary authors. He believes that this genre is perfect for both relaxation and cognitive development.

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