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5 Of The Best Movies About Famous Writers

Making a movie about writers and poets seems quite a sarcastic exercise. After all, films have actually contributed greatly to the fact that folks have stopped reading. Who needs those boring books when there are so many fascinating motion pictures that stun us with the cast, effect, soundtracks, etc.? Yet, it should be acknowledged that there are some very good movies that were either based on books by some outstanding writers or biopics of those writers’ lives. Today’s cinematography has paid its due share of respect to the greatest pens in history, and today we’re going to talk just about that. Ladies and gentlemen, here are 5 of the best films about famous writers.

Shakespeare In Love
It seems quite astonishing to think that Shakespeare was an ordinary man with his own troubles and barriers to overcome. Yet, we are all just human, and the genius from Stratford-upon-Avon was not an exception to this rule. This is exactly what Shakespeare in Love is all about – showing William Shakespeare as a man who fell in love in the times when he needed it the most. He goes through writer’s block, and the experience of falling in love with a beautiful young lady drags him out of that pit. The movie won an Oscar in the Best Picture nomination, and it was well deserved as the director and the cast managed to showcase Shakespeare as a genius who suffers from down-to-earth problems. This is the beauty of this film: showing history’s greatest writer and poet as one of us.

The great Philip Seymour Hoffman seemed to really live through the life story of the one and only Truman Capote in this wonderful motion picture. Basically, it is a film that tells about the years Capote spent researching and crafting his masterpiece called In Cold Blood. The thing that attracted so many people from the filmmaking industry to this story is that In Cold Blood has been classified by Capote himself as a non-fiction novel.

Hoffman’s brilliant performance was crowned with an Oscar. What is more, the movie features one more perfect actress-writer combination, as Catherine Keener impresses the spectators with her interpretation of Harper Lee, who happened to be Capote’s close friend. This is nothing else but a masterpiece film about the world of writing that was once so full of talent.

The Hours
It's unlikely any person would not have heard about a lady by the name of Virginia Woolf. One of the world’s brightest and most popular female writers and also a great advocate for women’s rights. A  movie about one of the most creative writing masterminds would have to be nothing short of a masterpiece, and The Hours rose to that challenge. It tells the story of writing whilst a person’s retreats into the darkest corners of their minds.

This is an ample cinematic adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s life, which was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Of course, the screenwriters have added a bit of fiction into the story (Virginia would have appreciated that), which they have masterly combined with the facts from her biography. Virginia Woolf went down in history as a notorious character, largely because that history was written by men and she wanted women to be free and emancipated. Nicole Kidman, who has had the honor to play Virginia Woolf, justifiably won an Oscar for her performance.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
There are very few words to adequately describe this film apart from to say it is epic. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a biopic about Jean-Dominique Bauby, a fashion magazine editor who suffers a stroke, and it is incredibly captivating. The movie itself is a visualization of how the famous scrivener’s biography was written. The stroke attack left Bauby completely paralyzed and all he could do with his body was to blink one of his eyes. So, his team hire a patient woman who will be able to write his biography. Literary, the movie is based on the book that it talks about, and the result is one of the best life-affirming stories you’ll ever have a chance to see.

Can You Ever Forgive Me?
The stories of writers from the previous movies we've mentioned are beset with a lot of challenges and depict how they overcome them. But what about if they were to fail?

Can You Ever Forgive Me? is about Lee Israel, a famous biographer, forced to sell all of her belongings because of debt. Following a desperate attempt to earn some money, she starts forging letters written by famous people. This movie is a spectacular guide on how commercial failure, depression, and writer’s block can lead you to a dead-end you will find very hard to flee from. This is a story for all writers to relate to, and hopefully, for none of you to experience.

Being a great writer just like a great filmmaker is not that easy, as it takes a lot of grit and prowess to reach the level others can only dream of. So if you want to become a great writer, you should not be afraid of obstacles in your way, but you need to confidently aim for your goal, and even if there are some difficulties, you can always use the help from SupremeStudy.com and it will definitely help you. Nonetheless, the list of 5 movies about writers that we have come up with seems to testify to the fact that the mission, after all, is quite possible. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy all of them as there is a lot to learn and awe at in these wonderful movies about famous writers.

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