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Top Ten Travel Destinations For Casino Lovers

Are you passionate about gambling? If so, you’ve probably dreamed of going on vacation and discovering the best casinos in the world. Even though nothing beats playing at the best online casino Switzerland, we bet you’ll still enjoy any of these incredible destinations.

Monte Carlo
This glamorous city is located in Monaco along its pristine coastline. The city itself is filled with luxurious architecture and a movie history! Several James Bond movies were set right here in Monte Carlo due to its timeless, classic style.

Niagara Falls
Should you visit the US or Canada? Stop by Niagara Falls and you don’t have to choose. In addition to its world-famous waterfall, the city itself is an exciting and flashy place to be. You can experience gambling on either side of the border for two unique experiences in one.

Sun City
Sun City is perhaps the most opulent resort town in the world and definitely within South Africa. Sun City is the height of wealth and includes a handful of incredible themed casinos to offer players thousands of slots at once.

The Bahamas are known for their sea, sand, and sun – and now their slots too. You can enjoy plenty of Caribbean decadence on your way to and from, especially if you travel by cruise ship. You can relax with a drink and join in the PokerStars tournament.

Las Vegas
We would be remiss to leave Las Vegas off this list. The Strip has an incredible draw to it, combining bars, live shows, flashing lights, and more casinos than you can imagine. It’s as iconic as everyone says – and warm weather is a cherry on top.

Another Caribbean destination to visit is Aruba. You’ll find a collection of ritzy hotels and white sand beaches on this island, of course. But there are dozens of grand casinos located throughout Oranjestad. Fun fact: Caribbean Stud Poker was invented in an Aruba casino.

Atlantic City
Most international travelers know Las Vegas to be the top casino destination. But the local secret is that Atlantic City has just as much to offer! Rather than the 24-hour light show, you can enjoy walking along the beach and indulging at award-winning restaurants.

Ah, London. Home of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, a proper cup of tea – and premier casinos. This sprawling metro is filled with a variety of unique gambling experiences to suit every taste. For a three-in-one punch, the Hippodrome houses three casinos under one roof.

Macau is the go-to destination in Asia. This bustling city is located in China, and it never sleeps. In addition to 24-hour luxury casinos and incredible eats, there are other types of entertainment too. It’s just a short walk to go-carting, racing, stretches of bars, and amusement park attractions.

San Juan
San Juan has somehow retained a level of privacy in terms of casino destinations. If you want to experience a city brimming with decadence, history, and culture, this is your spot. San Juan is located in Puerto Rico, a US territory, so you can gamble in USD without visiting the mainland.

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