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What's the Future of Gaming?

Video games were always an extremely popular form of entertainment, ever since they first appeared. Nowadays, they seem to be gaining more momentum with all the latest technologies greatly improving the gaming experience.

Now, while it’s impossible to determine with absolute accuracy what the future of gaming will look like, we can at least try to speculate based on the things we already know. So, with that in mind, here are some predictions about the future of gaming.

Quality is top priority
The quality of products, services, and the overall customer satisfaction always play a huge role in any business. However, customer satisfaction is becoming even more important in the gaming industry. With such a wide variety of games to choose from nowadays, gaming companies need to ensure that they manage to not only attract but retain their audience as well. This increased need for quality of service can even be spotted in the iGaming sector as well. Even players looking for quality online casinos check out online casinos at Casino Bros before they decide to sign up. That’s why gaming companies need to ensure that they don’t only offer high-quality content but excellent customer support and service as well.

AR and VR
AR and VR technologies in video games are continuing to blossom. Now while VR allows gamers to full immerse themselves in a virtual reality, AR offers a somewhat different experience. With games, such as Pok√©mon Go, gamers get to experience the reality they’re already familiar with through an augmented lens. Both of these technologies will only continue to grow and expand throughout the gaming industry. So, it safe to say that soon, we can expect to see more titles come out that feature either one of these two technologies.

AI and NPCs
For quite some time now game developers have been implementing artificial intelligence in various games, mostly through non-player characters (NPCs). However, most of these NPCs heavily relied on finite state machine. What this means is that they were given the so-called “if – then” instructions. But lately more and more NPCs are being upgraded to use the so-called behavior tree. Of course, this enables them to carry out more elaborate actions and dialog, which brings even more variety and interest to the content in question. So, it’s safe to say that in not-so-distant future we can expect to see even more elaborate forms of AI being implemented in various titles across the gaming industry.

Content generation and AI
Next on the list comes content generation that’s nowadays heavily improved with the use of AI. AI evolved so much in recent years, that it’s nowadays commonly used to generate various game assets. For instance, game designers no longer have to spend hours-on-end drawing each individual piece of in-game landscape, such as rock and trees. Instead, they can rely on procedural content generation. This way, game designers can allocate this task to computers and focus their attention on creating other parts of the game.

In the end, hyperreality – or social VR – seems to be growing in popularity as well. The way hyperreality works is by combining virtual and physical reality, but not in the same sense as AI. For instance, people looking for hyperreality experiences can easily check out companies, such as the VOID. This company specializes in offering gamers “hyperreal” experiences. Here, players will gather in a physical location and will then be given special VR gear. However, unlike the typical VR experience, players will be able to physically interact with their surroundings.

These are just some of the things we can expect the future of gaming to bring our way. Everything that’s mentioned earlier significantly improves players’ experience and brings even more fun to this already fun activity.

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