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Doctor Who: Chris Chibnall Announces The Fourteenth Doctor.... And It's Him!!!

The Timeless Chibnall?
Doctor Who fans across the world are eagerly awaiting Jodie Whittaker's third season as the Time Lord, set to premiere sometime in late 2021 if the current filming schedule holds.  But it's no secret that many of the actors who have portrayed the Doctor have chosen to go with the 'three seasons and out' rule and many fans have assumed that Whittaker would do the same.

Today, that has been confirmed.

In an exclusive interview with Ryan's World Magazine, the current executive producer and head writer of Doctor Who Chris Chibnall, the man behind many much-loved episodes including Dinosaur's on a Spaceship and The Tsuranga Conundrum, and that Cyberwoman episode of Torchwood, has revealed that he has cast the Fourteenth Doctor...

...And it is him!

As Chibbers explained...
"It has been wonderful working with Jodie. She's a fantastic actress and has never once complained about the scripts I have given her, but when she told me, repeatedly, that she wanted to move on we started to look for the next Doctor.

We saw literally a few people. Famous people who you would know but NDAs mean I can't reveal their names, except for Olivia Colman as obviously she read for the part as her agent puts her up for everything. But no matter what talent or potential we thought anyone could bring to the role, I kept coming back to the realisation that no-one knows the Doctor as well as I do.

And that's a fact. I can prove that. Look at the Timeless Child. Did either Davies or Moffat ever once mention that the Doctor is the Timeless Child? No they did not. That was because they didn't know the Doctor was the Timeless Child but I did. So no matter how much Steven thinks he knows about the show he is wrong. He knows nothing! And neither did Pip & Jane Baker.

My belief is if you want someone to play the Doctor right then you need someone who knows the Doctor right. And that's me. I am the Doctor. I thought, I may as well make it official, so I will be the Fourteenth Doctor."
The Chibster also divulged some changes he has planned for Doctor Who after he takes over as the Doctor in what he describes as an "exciting but average" New Years Day 2022 special...
"I'm cutting back on 'The Fam'. From season 14 onward the Doctor, me, will travel solo. It gives the me more screen-time and I believe that's what people really want. Me.

And I say travel but I'm working on some early ideas and thinking of grounding the Doctor on Earth again. Rather than as a scientific advisor at UNIT he works out of the University of Sheffield where everyone loves him and he's the most popular professor on campus. He's really cool and he has a very fast motorbike, which I can totally ride myself, and he goes by the name of Doctor Chris."
In the wide reaching interview, where Chibby Minton also discussed his work on the single-award nominated series Camelot, he briefly touched upon his plans for the sixtieth anniversary of Doctor Who in 2023 and the long overdue return of a fan favourite foe...
"Everyone always wants old Doctors to be reunited for an anniversary special, but we're going to attempt something different this time as it's a logistical nightmare working around how much the actors who have played the Doctor have aged. I mean, have you seen David Tennant recently?"
"[The sixtieth anniversary special] will still be a multi-Doctor adventure but just with my Doctor. Me split across various timelines. Fourteen of myself meet and work together to defeat the Vervoids. I know that fans across the world have waited close to 40 years to finally see how the Vervoids should've been realised. I'll show them both how it should've been done."
You can read the whole interview with Chris Chibnall here. In the meantime, what do you think of Chibnall as the Fourteenth Doctor? Let us know in the comments below.

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