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Social Gaming in 2021: Interview with Lucas Mollberg

Mobile device have become a massive part of our everyday lives as we use them for everything from work to entertainment. Looking at mobile gaming, we have seen a huge expansion of social games that bring players together and let them quickly engage in multiplayer battles with other players from all over the world, including their real and virtual friends.

We sat down with Lucas Mollberg, a gaming industry insider and expert, and talked about the social gaming trends in 2021. We discussed the current situation of social games, the trends we are seeing, and the potential future for the industry.

Hi Lucas, thanks for being with us today. Can you start us off with some stats and numbers please? How is the social gaming industry doing at the start of 2021?

Hello and thank you for having me. I can say that social gaming has never been bigger and it’s not even close. As the mobile tech keeps growing each year, we are seeing a massive growth in the social player base as well. About 40% of all millennials in America play social games and the Gen Z numbers are just slightly lower than that.

Games like Fortnite and Among Us have really changed the way mobile games work and have created entire worlds in which players can interact in unprecedented ways. Social networks are stronger than ever and players can play games directly through Facebook and other sites. It’s an industry that’s growing with no signs of backing up.

What technologies are driving this industry these days? How are the software companies making mobile gaming more accessible than ever before?

Well, we are seeing a huge focus of both hardware and software developers on mobile tech of all sorts, including gaming. Today you have phones with more powerful hardware than PCs just years ago. This means players can enjoy fully fledged games on their mobile phones and play them with their friends via high-speed internet which is becoming the norm.

You have distribution networks such as Google Stadia which are making online play faster and smoother than before. Games like Fortnite or World of Tanks are now routinely played on mobile devices and players seem to enjoy the challenge of playing such games on their smaller screens.

You have a hand in the iGaming industry as well! How are social games working in that part of the industry? Do slots players enjoy playing with friends on their phones or are they more hardcore?

Interesting that you should ask that! Looking at players who visit my site Casinoble, I can tell you that many of them love playing social slots or casino games on their mobile phones without anything at stake. The thrill of gambling does not have to include any real cash and there are some amazing social apps that players can enjoy hundreds of slots and other games on.

Of course, iGaming is also available for real money on mobile devices, but the social aspect of things is really taking off. Even real money casinos are seeing significant growth when they include social elements and let different players interact with each other. Everyone loves playing alongside others, regardless of what the game in question may be.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lucas, and best of luck with your future endeavors. We hope we will have a chance to talk more about other exciting topics in the gaming world.

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