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How The Lightsaber Became A Trend In Pop Culture

When it comes to media influence, there's nothing as striking, long-lasting, and intense as the effect of the Star Wars universe on the world. Even if you haven't seen Star Wars, you probably know someone who’s a huge fan. And even if you aren't a fan, you probably know who Yoda or Darth Vader is.

The truth is, George Lucas made a massive and permanent mark on the world, thanks to his imagination and storytelling. Back in the 70s, he probably didn't expect it to be such a massive phenomenon that’ll last over decades. In essence, the story of Luke Skywalker is a simple one, and it transcends cultures and languages despite being set in such a futuristic setting. It's a story of good versus evil, forgiveness, courage, and many more simple lessons that we can get from other movies or stories that aren't set in outer space.

However, the futuristic setting is genuinely a significant aspect of why Star Wars became so popular. Sci-fi wasn't new in the 1970s as it was already a theme covered in the cinema back in the 1920s. But what Star Wars did is far superior to other movies considered to be in the same genre. When Episode IV premiered in cinemas, viewers were amazed by the world-building and literal out-of-this-world experience that the film offered.

Aside from the ships, blasters, creatures, architecture, and alien planets, one iconic item stood out from the rest: the lightsaber. The glowing plasma blade that extended at the press of the button and the sound it made as it moved was amazing. When used in a duel, it was mesmerizing to watch because the light trailed and followed the movement of the blade.
Why Are Lightsabers Popular?
When it comes to the best lightsaber duels, people can have their own opinions and debate about it. Granted, the lightsaber duels in the original trilogy weren't as action-packed as the prequels and sequels. Nonetheless, the impact of the lightsaber on pop culture is undeniable. People can even have their favorite lightsabers like Darth Vader's menacing red saber, the Jedi green or blue, or more unique ones such as white, purple, or gold.

To understand how this trend first came up, developed, and became a prominent icon, even in the present day, here are a few points to examine:

The Availability of Lightsabers for the Masses
The popularity of lightsaber wasn't just a tiny ripple that came up and quickly disappeared. Its popularity is stable and is even increasing throughout the years. And, we can probably thank lightsaber businesses for this.

Nowadays, companies such as Galaxy Sabers create and sell all kinds of lightsabers because the market for this is enormous. Lightsabers are probably the top desired items for Star Wars fans. And, it doesn't matter if you only want to put it up for display, use it as a plaything, or wield it during a lightsaber duel. But the most popular use for this item is to bring it during Star Wars movie premiers, where you can show it off to people who share the common interest as you.

When this happens, more people want to have the same item or to build their customizable lightsaber, too.

Lightsabers Are Amazing Weapons
As Obi-Wan Kenobi said, and you're probably familiar with the quote, ‘the lightsaber is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.’ In the universe of Star Wars, lightsabers are unique weapons that only a chosen few could use. It isn't like a blaster that can be held by any person, creature, or robot. Lightsabers can only be used by force-sensitives, so there's already an understanding that it's a more elevated weapon–it could slash through almost anything, and it can even block blaster bolts for defense.
It's Unique and Imaginative
It's pretty standard to see weapons in movies or shows, but lightsabers are different because of their uniqueness. The truth is, there wasn't anything like it when it first came out. While it was already shown in the comic books, seeing it in action on the big screen is different.

In comic books, you'll have to imagine most of the action sequences based on the still images you see. But in the movies, it was visually stunning because the plasma blade glowed, and the viewer could see how the user swung the sword or fought. Plus, the sound it made was emblematic for any Star Wars duel.

The buzzing sound emphasized the imaginative and futuristic aspect of the fight. And, for every strike and blow, there were sparks and loud noises that added to the excitement.

People Who Used Lightsabers Were Cool
Probably the reason why people want to own lightsabers is that they want to be just like their favorite characters. Whether you want to be Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, or even Darth Maul, there's a specific and unique lightsaber you should have to match the look.

Their hilts, blades, and overall designs were all unique and different. But what remains the same is that these characters were the epitome of ‘cool,’ and who wouldn't want to be them?

The Fight Scenes Are Wild
Most of the fights in the movies are wild, and it can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially if laser blaster bolts are flying all over the place. But the truth is, the most looked forward to fighting scenes are the lightsaber duels.

Depending on how you rank the Star Wars movies, you'll probably have your favorites. You could watch these sequences repeatedly to see the details of the strikes, the way they moved their feet, and how they used the Force in tandem with their lightsaber skills.

Swordfights were always in movies, but laser swords bring it to a whole new level. They're aesthetic, exciting, and dangerous. Just think about all the limbs and hands that were cut off in the entire franchise!
Cinematics Made It Even More Memorable
Back then, people were already in awe of the cinematics of the original Star Wars trilogy. But as technology and movie-making advanced, so did the Star Wars lightsaber duels.

As mentioned, the original trilogy wasn't as action-packed, and it's probably because of the limitation of that time. These days, most fans can enjoy more intricate duels with better effects; fans are always excited about new fights from any upcoming movie, shows, or games.

Lightsaber Fighting Styles
If you're a huge Star Wars fan, you probably know that there are different styles of lightsaber combat. The most popularly known are the Seven Forms of the Jedi Order as listed below:
  • Shii Cho
  • Makashi
  • Ataru
  • Soresu
  • Shien/Djem So
  • Niman
  • Juyo/Vaapad
All these fighting styles used by the Jedi are incredibly intricate and impressive. The idea that there are different fighting styles is a great way to improve world-building. This attention to detail is what people love about Star Wars. Anyway, these are only the Jedi lightsaber combat forms. There are still more styles from the rest of the universe, and we can surely expect it from future Star Wars works.

With that said, the idea of having different fighting styles is incredibly alluring to the viewers. Many want to learn how to fight in that way, even with their physical limitations and the fact that no one can use the Force in the real world. Still, to learn any of these fighting styles entails the need for a lightsaber, making it even more popular.

Different Lightsaber Hilts
Any Star Wars fan can tell you that not all lightsaber hilts are the same. The great thing about lightsabers is that the user has to make them themselves. They need to have the knowledge and skills to create and repair their hilts, which means they’ll look different and use various materials.

If you're a collector, you would probably want to own all of these other hilts. But if not, you probably still have your favorite character or lightsaber that you want to get your hands on.

Various Lightsaber Colors
Lightsabers rely on Kyber crystals to power them, which is a colorless crystal. The color of the plasma blade depends on the user. Usually, Red is the color of the Sith, while blue and green are for the Jedi. However, there are rarer colors such as Yaddle's orange lightsaber, Ahsoka's white sabers, Rey's golden lightsaber, and Mace Windu's gorgeously purple laser sword.

The color of the blade depends on who the owner is, and it can have different colors. This adds a layer of intrigue and legend to the Star Wars world, where the fans have to do a bit of digging and thinking to develop theories as to why some characters have specific lightsaber colors. Because of this curiosity, there's always a new rumor about Mace Windu's character returning to the franchise.

Lightsabers have been famous for decades now, and we can expect them to continue to be an iconic symbol of Star Wars’ impact on pop culture. It's symbolic of the franchise itself, the fanbase, and the ideals of the Jedi or the Sith.

Nowadays, people can have their lightsaber, and lightsaber combat has become a recognized sport and form of combat.

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