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Titan Comics: Doctor Who ALTERNATING CURRENT Review

Jaspreet Singh changes the polarity as Doctors and eras collide in the new Doctor Who graphic novel from Titan Comics.
What happens when you cross Doctor Who with the likes of Mad Max, Planet of the Apes and an added dash of Back to the Future?

The answer is Doctor Who 'Alternating Current'

This graphic novel is a direct result of the previous Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors' crossover event (see the 2020 graphic novel 'Tale of Two Timelords') which led to a paradox that has caused a radical rewrite of history in which the Sea Devils have taken over the Earth. But that's not all. In this parallel world, Rose Tyler leads a human resistance against their aquatic overlords (or would they be under-lords?), but there's more going on than first meets the eye.
Titan Comic has once again stayed true to its namesake by delivering a story that encapsulates not only traditional science fiction elements but is also not afraid to borrow the best parts of the TV series itself. Well-known writer Jody Houser manages to ingeniously combine fan favourite eras of Doctor Who without it feeling jarring or dowdy to the reader. It takes quite the skill to accurately capture the voices of every on-screen character within a comic book medium, however Houser has shown once again within this volume that it is possible. The interactions between both Doctors are a joy to read, and it is easy imagine both David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker voicing those exact words on-screen.

As mentioned at the start, Alternating Current enjoys borrowing plenty of elements from other franchises, however what was certainly a unique twist to this story is how it revisits recent Doctor Who episodes, but from a different perspective. Without getting into any spoilers, it is advised (but not essential) that readers re-watch the 2020 episode ‘Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror’. And for any fans of Doctor Who who have only watched the modern iteration of the show, it is highly recommended that the aptly titled 1972 'The Sea Devils' episode is also on the list. Not that it is an essential requirement needed to enjoy the comic, more so that is a wonderful adventure that sheds more light on the mysterious Sea Devils.
One of the major highlights of this graphic novel is the stunning art design by Roberta Ingranata. Her artwork has accurately captured the likeness of not only the Doctors and their respective companions, but also well-known secondary characters who make their appearances throughout the story.

Rather than taking the advantage of the comic book medium and designing an entirely new look for the amphibious cousins of the Silurians, both Houser and Ingranata deserve a commendation for their insistence on using the original 1970s design of the Sea-Devils. Not only would this choice be celebrated amongst fans of the classic era, but also bridge the gap for newer audiences who wish to experience the early years of Doctor Who.
Without spoiling too much, this exciting graphic novel not only provides a satisfying three-act structure but also sets in motion events for the next volume that will leave readers wanting more.

Overall, Doctor Who ‘Alternating Current’ is an enjoyable read, full of emotion, drama and especially nostalgia. With it being so close to the 60th anniversary of the Doctor Who franchise now, it wouldn’t be prudent to say that this story could be an ideal competitor for a possible televised anniversary story.

Doctor Who Vol 1: Alternating Current will be released on May 11th. Find out more here on the Titan Comics website.

YouTube content creator and sound designer with a flair for the Pertwee era of Who. Jaspreet was the mind behind the 2018 BBC Radio documentary 'The Sound of the WHOniverse'. He can mostly be found on Twitter @TheJazNetwork, gushing over Star Trek and Big Finish.

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