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How to Date a Mindful Single, According to Favorite Characters

So, you want to get back into the world of dating, but you don’t want to waste any more time with people who aren’t on your level. First, you need to find somebody who is on your wavelength, both in terms of personality and intelligence. Second, you have to interest the person enough, focusing on common views on life and the world. Third, keep the love bond you have by carefully moving from flirty chatting to a strong relationship.

How to have a positive dating experience with an enthusiastic, intelligent match

Luckily, you can find like-minded singles in your area thanks to a multitude of online dating sites. These services offer you the chance to enjoy a perfect dating getting experience with intelligent and creative singles. Having a positive dating practice with a deep thinker can be a challenge. Therefore, some of the relationship lessons you can learn from your favorite characters in popular culture can come in handy while meeting on a mindful dating site.

When you’ve done the hard part by convincing somebody to go on a date with you, it's the right time to use some extra moves to make sure things are going well.

Go to a museum or gallery - classic move but still working

If you are going on a date with an intelligent person, there is a good chance they would enjoy going to a museum or gallery. Inspired by The Space Museum and with the same enthusiasm, choose any cultural place that interests you and immerse yourself in a a spot of culture with your mindful partner.

Make time for serious conversation - much deeper level of communication

One of the most attractive things about intelligent people is their brains! In fact, some people are only attracted to intelligence. Don’t be afraid to talk about topics in which you are knowledgeable and passionate. Riveting conversations are the cornerstone of any amazing first-date experience, plus it makes it clear if you're compatible with each other.

The dating lessons we can learn from our favorite characters

If you are a fan of popular movies and geek culture, you can find dating lessons and inspiration from some of your favorite characters.

Scott Pilgrim - your date will have a past

Scott Pilgrim was just a normal guy in a rocking band until Ramona Flowers roller-skated into his life. Then he was thrust into battle with her seven evil exes to prove he was worthy of dating the girl he loved.

What can you take away from this story?

Every person has a romantic history. You need to learn to be okay with it. You probably won’t have to fight their past lovers until they burst into coins, but you may bump into them on occasion. Don’t let this stress you out - be secure in the fact this person has chosen to be with you. If you are dating a mindful and intelligent person, they will already understand that you’ve had a life before them and expect you to do the same.

Princess Leia and Han Solo - try not to be too stubborn and say what you mean!

Humans tend to be stubborn, even when it would suit them to let the guard down and show their emotions. The turbulent relationship of Han Solo and Princess Leia in Star Wars is a testament to this notion. They spend a good portion of the initial trilogy arguing with each other and refusing to admit their feelings for each other.

What can you take away from this story?

Do yourself a favor and be open with somebody if you like them. If the first date is going well, they would love to hear it. Conversely, if you are not feeling the vibe, be honest. You may disappoint somebody, but it is better to move on so you can both find somebody better suited to you. This is doubly important if you are dating an intuitive person, they will pick up on any emotional signs but may be too polite to say anything themselves.

The Joker and Harley Quinn - find somebody who matches your crazy

If the Joker and Harley Quinn prove anything, it’s that there is somebody out there for everybody - no matter how weird they are! This does not mean you should embark on a life of crime like the Clown Prince of Gotham, but you should try to date people who match your personality on multiple levels.

What can you take away from this story?

Intelligent people want to find somebody who is on their wavelength. Smart and mindful individuals are usually quite eccentric. If you think your passions and quirks match up with them, it could be a sign of a positive and fruitful relationship.

Summing up, building a relationship with a deep person can be more challenging than what you're used to. However, dating such a whole personality can be the beginning of something special!

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