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What We're Expecting From E3 2021

Hannah starts the countdown to E3…
It’s unfortunate that the world is still metaphorically (and literally in some cases) on fire, games companies still aren’t exactly working to full capacity and gaming news has been a bit thin on the ground of late. However, that could be about to change. With E3 right around the corner, and a schedule as jam-packed as a pre-covid train, I thought it was about time to talk about what excites me most about the weekend line-up, and what I’m expecting from the publishers who have confirmed their virtual attendance.

Running officially from the 12th to the 15th of June, there should be something for everyone with Nintendo, Xbox, Bethesda and Ubisoft all holding events over the weekend. EA have pushed their presentation back to July 22nd and, at the time of writing, Square Enix still haven’t officially announced a date or time for their conference but I’m still holding out for a good show. There are also a few other shows littered throughout the coming days that you probably don’t want to miss.

June 10th – Summer Games Fest
Presented by Prime Gaming, Geoff Keighley’s publisher showcase is back and streaming on Youtube on June 10th. This is where I would expect publishers like Activision and Epic Games to give announcements and updates and this year, they’ve also apparently got a live set from Weezer, who I didn’t realize were still a thing…

June 12th – IGN Expo, Guerrilla Collective Showcase, Wholesome Direct and Ubisoft Forward
Kicking off the official line-up, we’ve got IGN Expo which is promising to offer new game reveals and never-before-seen gameplay from upcoming releases. It’s difficult to guess what might be coming during this Expo event, but it’s certainly one to look out for.

Following on from this will be the Guerrilla Collective Showcase. This is the second year Guerrilla Collective have had an E3 slot, and if, like me, you’re a big fan of indie games; this is the showcase for you. Featuring some of the best upcoming indie titles, the indie market might well be the post-covid gaming relief we’re all looking for!

Still on a streak of indie releases, Wholesome Direct is next. As its name may suggest, if you’re looking for a new cute, often relaxing, indie title, definitely check out this showcase. Over 75 games are expected to be shown during this event, with some even launching that day.

Finally on June 12th, Ubisoft will be doing their second Ubisoft Forward event in lieu of an in-person conference. It’s difficult to know what to expect from this publisher, but I’m hoping for some news on Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well as Far Cry 6.

June 13th – Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Future Games Show and PC Gaming Show
This day is a contentious one for me. Since Microsoft bought out Bethesda I’ve been waiting to find out if future Bethesda titles will be exclusive or not. I’m desperately hoping that we’ll have definitive confirmation during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. With Bethesda owning over a dozen impressive IPs, I need to know whether I need to empty out my savings to play the new Elder Scrolls or not…

Following on from this, Gamesradar are back for a second year of their Future Games Show. They haven’t provided much news about what to expect from their slot, but if it’s anything like last year we should see a nice mixture of triple A releases and smaller indie projects.

Rounding off the day we have the PC Gaming Show. I have never owned a computer that is powerful enough to keep up with PC Gaming, but I watch in hope that something revealed may cope with the specs of my current set-up!

June 15th – Nintendo Showcase
Oh my, with all the rumours circling, this day is set to be a wild ride! Having skipped out on E3 last year, it’s nice to see Nintendo back this year. We’ve already been promised more news of Breath of the Wild 2 but I think Nintendo might have a few more tricks up their sleeve. With all of the Mario 35th anniversary news, people were beginning to think that Nintendo was ready to forget that it was also the 35th birthday of Link. With only an HD remaster of Skyward Sword announced, Zelda fans were feeling a little left out of the celebrations, but I have a feeling that’s all about to change.

I’m expecting, alongside Breath of The Wild 2 news, a similar set-up to the Mario 35th anniversary. Some sort of 3D all-stars series for the switch, whether it be Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask switch ports, or some ports of the handheld games, I’ll be even more pleased if it’s both. With the original NES and SNES games available through Nintendo online, it would be nice if they updated the entire back catalogue to play on the Switch. I’m not holding out too much hope though, I’ve been disappointed before. Add in the rumours that Nintendo are set to announce the Switch Pro during this event, and I think ending the weekend festivities with this showcase was a good shout on the side of the organizers.

Join me across the weekend for my daily round-ups to see if any of my predictions came true, and what new releases have got me handing over every penny I’ve managed to save throughout this pandemic year.

Preferring the company of fictional characters to living, breathing people; it should come as no surprise that Hannah is a connoisseur of all things geek. Whilst their body resides in the capital of Wales, their heart resides in Middle-Earth and their mind remains firmly lodged in the memory of that embarrassing thing they did when they were eight.

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