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Why PC Gaming is Going from Strong to Stronger

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, the gaming industry has exploded, aided by huge jumps in technological advancements. Despite the evolution of gaming from PCs and gaming consoles to more convenient mobile devices, PC gaming is still seeing a steep rise in popularity.

The fact is that PCs’ capacity for higher resolution, better sound, and faster gameplay is still beating out other forms of gameplay. Following the 1983 game crash, PC gaming has seen a few ups and downs.

The PC gaming industry has seen a surge in the number of players thanks to the digital distribution that began in the mid-2000s. With a $32.7 billion market estimation, PC gaming is holding strong as the third-largest gaming avenue preferred by gamers. PRGs, strategy games, sports games, action-adventure games, casino games, slots, and the list goes on, are more and more popular. Players of all ages and backgrounds are starting to enjoy gaming more than ever before.

Starting with Bertie the Brain developed by Josef Kates in 1950, the gaming industry has spread out and wide covering a myriad of genres, playing styles, and gaming devices. Now you can play any type of game that strikes your fancy and no one would be the wiser.

Whether you're a fan of RPG games like The Witcher Wild Hunt or prefer more low-key games like Donut County, the sky is the limit when it comes to games that you can play on your PC.

Why PC Gaming Is Better than the Alternatives

1. Easier Upgrades
Unlike gaming consoles and even some mobile devices, PCs can be easily upgraded whenever you need to. You can't open up a console and stick new hardware in it, but you can do this with your PC.

The best part is that you can add more memory power, new fans, a better graphics card when you need to and not a moment later. It might seem like investing in a PC to satisfy your gaming needs could be more expensive upfront.

But, when you're thinking long term, it will be cheaper to upgrade your PC every 5 years or so, by replacing one part, then buy a new console every 2.

2. All-Inclusive
While consoles and mobile devices run games that are exclusive to these platforms, PCs can virtually access any game out there. You'll find that a personal computer’s power extends further than its competitor's and only every so often there might be a game that you cannot play on a home computer.

Even so, developers are usually quick to make their games available on PCs so you won't have to wait too long to play your highly-awaited favorite game.

3. Virtually Unlimited Range
The top advantage of owning a gaming PC is arguably the fact that it has a huge range for backward compatibility. If you were curious you could comb over forty years’ worth of games right there on your PC.

There's literally a game for every taste and you can check out sites like DOSBox, Interactive Fiction Database, and GOG.com to satisfy your curiosity.

4. Higher Affordability
Compared to games that come out on consoles, PC game prices fall faster. If you're a game aficionado this is good news for you as you can build up a pretty nifty library of games a lot cheaper than if you were to buy the same titles for a console.

5. More Control and Better Graphics
Everyone that's ever loved playing PC games knows that you cannot compare the game controls with any other gaming experience out there. A gaming keyboard used to cost a pretty penny, but with multiple manufacturers out on the market today, you can get a decent keyboard at a decent price. The subject of in-game graphics is highly debated in gamer circles. And although Microsoft and Sony have come out with some awesome graphics as of late, the PC is still king of the hill.

Add to that that you can buy mods for all kinds of PC games and you have the perfect formula for better graphics and a more fun gaming experience.

Most Popular PC Games

As discussed, when it comes to PC games, the sky is the limit. You can find any type of game for any age, and genre preference. Here are 5 of the most popular games for PC that appease gaming enthusiasts as well as casual gamers alike:

If you have a child, a grandchild, or even a young neighbor, chances are you've heard of Minecraft. This game is specifically geared toward learning and is typically called a sandbox game, although the gameplay can be fun at any age.

● League of Legends
If you're a fan of RPG gaming, no doubt you've played League of Legends on your PC. This game is so fun and continually improving that fans remain engaged and interested in it for long periods of time. The storyline is super captivating and the game progression is challenging to see through to the end.

● Grand Theft Auto
With billions of drivers all over the world, it is no surprise that Grand Theft Auto is still holding strong as one of the most popular PC games of all time. Already on their 5th iteration, GTA developers never cease to delight their fans with new features, environments, and player controls. This game is definitely worth a try if you're looking to blow off some steam from a hard day's work.

● The Hand of Midas
Needless to say, slot games have seen huge advancements thanks to the technological developments of the last decade. The Hand of Midas is a great game to play if you're a fan of mythology and want to have a relaxing time at the end of your day.

With 20 pay lines and a max of around $60 that you can put in, the game offers some great features and bonuses. Don't worry, you can try it out for free and play for however long you need to get comfortable with it before actually putting in real money.

● Cleopatra
The famous she-Pharaoh of the Egyptians has inspired a slot game that will definitely titillate the senses. The Cleopatra slot game comes with a dash of mystery and lots of fun features, free spins, bonuses, and more.

With a 95,02% return to player, what can be more exciting than winning the pot? Try out the demo and see for yourself.


Yes, games have come a long way since the time of Bertie the Brain, and consoles did take center stage for a while. But, the power of the PC exceeds any expectation, and investing in your own will be well-worth in the long run.

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