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7 Reasons Why You Need An Arcade Machine In Your Home

Bubble Bobble, Tekken 2, Pang, Street Fighter ... just hearing these names is enough to transport us back to our earliest childhood and adolescence, where many of us spent our best afternoons in arcades leaving our money in front of those big colorful bright machines. We are in luck: arcade machines are back and it is increasingly possible to find a great variety in formats and prices.

Retro arcade machines are all the rage. Good proof of this has been the proliferation in recent times of specialized stores. Behind this trade are true fans of arcade machines who have made their passion their work. If you want to find a retro arcade machine for yourself, go to Shoppok. It is one of the few sites where you can find quality old machines.

Those of you who have been thinking about putting an arcade game at home for a long time do not need many reasons to be convinced. Even so, thanks to MiArcade we will give some reasons to you so that you can reaffirm your decision, or to justify to your roommates, wifes, husbands, father, mothers, whoever ... that an arcade machine is essential in your lives.

The following are compelling reasons why you should buy an arcade machine for your home.

Retro/vintage is in fashion and you will be very ‘cool’
It could be because for those born in the ‘70s and ‘80s the time we have live in now is not exactly the best in the world. Or because everyone likes to remember their childhood. But the fact is that we are surrounded by nostalgia - especially the eighties- and we love it! T-shirts with scenes from movies, anecdote books, series like 'Stranger things' and even accessories like the watches we wore when we were young are in fashion once again. And squarely among those objects that are so fashionable, an arcade game. Having one at home is really just being up to date.

It is a different piece of furniture to decorate that special corner of your house

Many people put up poster or pictures in their house, so why not have a super cool vinyl of your favorite arcade game or character? Or perhaps go one better and ask MiArcade for a completely personalized design that fits perfectly into the space of your home where you plan to put your arcade.

You will have a 2 × 1: arcade machine and closet
Measurements and specifications aside, there are two basic arcade models: ‘bartop’ (only the top part) and ‘bartop with foot’ (or lowboy). MiArcade are aware of the importance of space in a house and, therefore, have designed the 'bartop with foot' machines – which, let's face it, are the cool ones, the ones that make you travel back in time and visualize yourself in an arcade - with a small closet at the bottom. The base of the machine has a door and an interior shelf so that you can store everything you want and make the most of the space in your house.

Home parties will be much more fun
Trivia and Monopoly evenings with friends are good. But admit it, you and your friends around an arcade machine with a glass in hand is much cooler. How about a rainy afternoon in alone, or a full-blown party with the best music of the ’80s?

And you will get an extra "for the inconvenience" if you put a purse in your arcade machine
Whoever puts the house up for a party or a gathering of friends ends up spilling. That's how it is. The next day you have to pick up, clean that impossible stain on the carpet, and, on the way, you will have lost a glass for sure. So a good solution to compensate for that collateral damage is that they have to put a coin in the arcade to play. You can have the option to put a purse on your personalized machine or, if you prefer, put a button that just by pressing it will give you infinite credits.

Video games are good for the brain
We don't say it, a lot of scientific research says it. For example, the University of Rochester (New York) did a series of studies that showed that some video games could help improve visual attention. Other research from the same university, published in the journal Current Biology, also says that they help make quick decisions. And, as if this were not enough, video games also increase the gray matter of the brain. This is said by the Max Planck Institute (Germany). So although video games often have a bad reputation - obviously in excess, like everything else, they are bad - they have a lot of positive effects that make it necessary ... no, essential ... no, VITAL to have an arcade at home.

An arcade machine takes up less space than you think
If you already have the arcade recreation visualized in your home as you saw them in bars, recalculate.

What we've presented here are some reasons for those retrogaming dinosaurs who are crazy about having an arcade to reflect on their childhood, some pros and cons when it comes to getting a cabinet or not. Although owning one machine with multiple gaming titles included is more humble than a full arcade, spending on quality accessories and playing them in somewhere more comfortable can be very satisfying without costing absurd amounts of money. Plus, if you have children, you may well want them to experience the great moments that you lived when you were young. Playing with an arcade machine is much cooler than with a virtual reality headset or the latest PlayStation, and with your own arcade machine at home then your child can see this for themselves.

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