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Considerations When Buying A Watch

Buying a watch for a gift can allow you to choose a timepiece that holds meaning and value to someone, both monetary and sentimentally. A watch can be a great investment, and any watch can hold its value or increase, as is the case with the ever-popular Rolex Submariner.

When it comes to choosing the right watch, it pays to know what you are looking for and what the different terminology means so you can make a more informed choice before you purchase.

How does the watch work?
There are different ways watches are powered, and for the most part, quartz watches tend to be more popular. However, there are alternative ways to power your watch, and you should think long and hard about how and when the watch will be worn to determine the best type of watch movement from;
  • Mechanical - powered by a small spring that needs winding every few days.
  • Automatic - similar to mechanical movement except for you do not need to wind this watch the movement of the wearer will do that automatically hence the name.
  • Automatic Chronometer - these watches are carefully regulated and monitored automated movements that have been independently verified and certified by COSC in Switzerland to say that the mechanical movement is accurate to within 4-6 seconds every day.
  • Quartz - A tiny piece of precisely formed Quartz is passed an electric current from the battery and generates voltage delivered back to the movement in pulses.
  • Solar movement - a small solar panel is placed on the watch's dial and captures sunlight to charge the watch.
What features can you get?
There are many different features your watch can come with, and it all depends on your requirements and personal tastes as to whether or not different features hold value to you.

What is a dive watch? If you are a fan of watersports, you might need to know if your watch is waterproof and, if so, to what depth? A dive watch won't just be splashproof. It will allow you to wear the watch when you dive to a specific depth.

Another consideration is the metal the watch is made from. Solid gold or platinum watches are expensive and can be heavy to wear. Many watches will be plated with either metal to alleviate some of the weight. You can choose from different materials for the watch band or decide to opt for a leather strap. Leather straps are adjustable when worn however a metal bracelet on your watch may need to be professionally altered by having links removed carefully to alter the size of the band.

Do you want to know what time it is all across the world? There is a GMT, Dual, and Triple time zone watch for that. Do you want to know how quickly you completed a lap? There are numerous varieties of chronographs available for this purpose too. Do you want to know how quickly your heartbeats? A pulsometer is available for this purpose.

All in all, there is a slew of different features and functions you can look for in a watch but knowing what your options are before you start your search can help you to narrow down your options.

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