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The Three Best Pirates of the Caribbean Films

Pirates of the Caribbean is esteemed as one of the most beloved and profitable action franchises in film history. Starring Johnny Depp as the unforgettably eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, the saga ran from 2003 to 2017 and tallies an impressive six movies.

In this article, we take a nostalgic look back at the best three Pirates of the Caribbean films.

The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

The first Pirates of the Caribbean film was far from perfect but managed to captivate millions of fans without much effort thanks to its enigmatic protagonist, Jack Sparrow. For many years now, he has been among the most irreverent, unpredictable, and utterly charming characters in cinema. 

The film, an entertaining adventure featuring the likes of unreliable pirates and sailors, is action-packed: featuring great naval battles, a chilling villain (Captain Barbossa), well-choreographed sword duels, and generous doses of humor and romance. Curse of the Black Pearl was a box office success, grossing $654 million worldwide, which is a particularly impressive feat given that it was the debut of the franchise. Depp’s performance was also highly praised by critics, earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actor.

As a result, a revitalized admiration for the pirate and nautical themes grew in pop culture, with the series making millions in merchandise, inspiring carnival rides, and even online slots games such as the 8 Golden Skulls of Jolly Roger, as featured in Zodiac Casino. The latter platform is particularly significant because, as a post on Bonusfinder's UK website highlights, “slot machines are the most played online gambling games”. Considering how large the casino industry is, sites like this help players find the best sites and slots. It's clear that the film and its themes deeply impacted spectators, so much so that the nautical theme remains as popular as ever in the present day, with Jack Sparrow remaining a firm Halloween costume favorite. 

Dead Man's Chest (2006)

After the success of the first Pirates of the Caribbean, fans were eager to continue Jack, Elizabeth, and Will’s adventure. The screenplay for Dead Man’s Chest is en-point, with the film heavily focusing on Sparrow's misadventures, especially having failed to honor a deal with striking villain Davy Jones and having essentially gone on the run, endangering the lives of all those around him.

In terms of the public's response to the movie, critics generally had a lot of praise for the sequel, which was an all-around success with the exception of a few cynical comments about the length of the movie. In particular, at the time of release, the visual effects that gave life to the crew of the Flying Dutchman were noted to be quite impressive and have definitely aged exceptionally well.

Other highlights include the epic naval battles and the fight against the Kraken. Ultimately, Dead Man’s Chest is a solid action film that effortlessly captures the personal journey of the protagonists. 

At World's End (2007)

While At World’s End may be the longest film of the series, it's also easily the most epic in the entire franchise. Jack's temporary absence makes room for character development as we see more screentime dedicated to Elizabeth, who was overshadowed somewhat in the first film and regarded as a secondary character when compared to her pirate counterparts. In this third installment, she finally takes the opportunity to be recognized on the center stage.

The film, which was hailed as the last in the series, brings a fair balance between action, comedy, and drama, in addition to featuring arguably the most epic of all the Pirates of the Caribbean battles. Everything that happens in the final minutes of At World's End is unforgettable, from the legendary clash between Jack and Jones to the unexpected twist in the tale. Unfortunately, this is where the franchise's "golden age" ends.

So, if you’ve missed any of these films, we recommend you catch up on them and we promise you’ll soon be making plans to learn how to sail to the Caribbean Sea.

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