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Film Analysis Essay - Best Way for Working with Your Favorite Movies

As the general purpose and importance of essays in the writing niche became more used and beneficial, a lot of different industries have started getting involved in such texts. A film analysis essay is just one in an ocean of them. Movies have been considered interesting for a couple of centuries since films like “The Horse in Motion” from 1878 and “Roundhay Garden Scene” from 1888 came to the scene. Today, this total industry possesses a huge commercial, artistic, and educational connotation. But the problem started to occur after dozens of questions, primarily among the students, about how to write a movie analysis appeared. Analyzing the movies is, in fact, a thing that can be useful and inspiring for students. They are often being taught about self-criticism and how they should consider the composition of the movies. Film essay analysis includes many different aspects. So, we will try to cover as many as possible to help you better understand its concept, how it works, and what it can bring to you.

Get To Know All the Types of Film Analysis

A film review essay wouldn’t be possible to write without prior knowledge of the types of analysis that exists. The assignment you are committing to depends on which type you choose to follow. There are 4 of them known today:
  1. Historical/Cultural - This type of film analysis represents the examination of a bond between the movie itself and a period that is usually connected with it. It is often the case that there is a relationship between those two. In some ways, films that describe a certain age like the movie “Interstellar”, for instance, have connections with some futuristic time that is beyond imagining today. The cultural context of the movie is frequently included and you can take advantage of it.
  2. Narrative - Movie essays can be described through a narrative type of analysis too. It usually covers an examination of story elements, characters, the plot, and narrative structure.
  3. Semiotic - A Globenewswire review essay often contains some metaphorical interpretations in the form of signs or different symbols. And that’s the exact thing that’s what semiotic type of analysis is all about. As numbers and symbols generally can have multiple meanings, writers must strictly determine what particular objects of this kind in the movie represents.
  4. Mise-en-scene - This type of analysis essay is primarily and mostly focused on exploring how compositional elements of the movie are arranged by the filmmakers. Every scene or a single shot comes into consideration which means that his type of analysis requires full focus and patience. The point is to understand how the scenes come together and their meaning. Details like colors, lights, or costumes may be helpful to understand what adds meaning to the scenes.
Don’t Forget to Introduce the Movie

As you may already know, an informative piece of paper like a film essay should include the introduction part. That is not something new or strange. But what the majority of students struggle with is what they should focus on in this part of an essay. An essay about a movie must be well-presented from its beginning. So, in the first part, you should cover its basic information and common data that everyone needs to know. Fundamental information like the title of the movie, when it will be or was released, or the name of its director and producer. Other things that can be mentioned here are the background of the filmmaker too. It will provide readers with useful info about it and they will have a little closer insight into its previous works. Consequently, they will know what to expect in the future from it. Sometimes, the main point of the movie can be pinpointed in your film-essay too. It will persuade people to read your text entirely as they will be interested to find out the plot and end it.

Of Course, Watch the Movie

Something almost impossible to miss before writing a film analysis is watching the movie you are going to describe. Even though you have free and unlimited access to plenty of information on the Internet and books, it can’t help you too much to write your movie analysis essay. You must see it with your own eyes due to different reasons. First of all, and the most important, is that you will build your point of view about the movie and get your own perspective of the plot and the characters. Sometimes it can be helpful to just hear it from others but it won’t have the same effect. Not even close. Don’t hesitate to watch the movie even multiple times if necessary. You must completely understand what is going on as writing film analysis requires statements and facts that are supported with evidence. Furthermore, if you know that many mind-blowing masterpieces like “The Inception” or “Shutter Island” are usually made in the modern film industry, you surely realize how important it is to fully understand the movie.

Use The Method “Brainstorming”

It wouldn’t be surprising if you have already encountered the term “brainstorming” in the writing niche. But for the ones who haven’t, it represents a whirlwind of ideas that comes like a storm. It is commonly referred to as noting all the ideas that come to your mind and ordering them chronologically later on. If you wonder how to analyse a movie, then you must learn to implement this method. If you brainstorm and note all your thoughts that came out of the blue, you might need to cluster them. That way, you will be able to emphasize the most significant parts and know from the beginning what to focus on. Something that also can be useful after applying a brainstorming method is making a brief outline. Essays from the BestEssayServicesRadar, for example, often have them. If professional writers use them, you should do the same.


Although writing a movie analysis essay requires time, knowledge, and education, it always amazes the ones who write them. That’s where the beauty of the movies lies. Film essays are useful to students a lot and allow them to have better insights into the entire movie industry.

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