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How Do I Improve My CS:GO Skin Quality?

Despite the fact that the essence of the CS:GO game is competition, the skins of the weapons play an important role for many. Various skins options add personality to your character’s appearance and look just cool! The variety of skins is huge, from replicas of real models of assault rifles and pistols to incredible colorful patterns for your favorite knives and rifles.

There are several ways to improve your CS:GO skin quality. However, not all of them will be right for you. It's one thing to exchange your old skin for a new one using a reliable website, and it’s completely another thing to spend all your money, give away your best skins or even risk your account. If you want to safely improve your skins, you’d better opt for one of the trusted websites like upgradecsgo – bloodycase: it offers a unique CSGO skin upgrade simulator based on a mathematical algorithm, which transparently shows your chances for a victory. Being very loyal to its users, the website offers protection from losing skin for users who had 5 unsuccessful upgrades in a row, so you could test your luck later!

And now, check out all the existing ways to improve your skin quality!

Buying skins on Steam or third-party sites

Steam is the safest way to buy skins. Firstly, you need to register on the website, and secondly, have $5 on your balance. Then, you can choose any skin you are interested in and buy the one that you can afford.

There’s a bot that helps you to make a purchase; the deal process does not take much time. You can also use the website to exchange skins.

Skins for weapons can have different prices, depending on the rarity of the item and its wear level; some cool models may be quite expensive. Keep in mind that you can also buy cases with skins on third-party sites: the main thing is to find a reliable one.

Crafting new skins

This is not the most popular method, but it is simple, honest, and always works flawlessly!

Trade-Up Contract is a particular type of mechanics that helps you to turn ten skins of the similar quality into a single skin of a higher quality. You should be aware that the skin you get will necessarily belong to one of the collections to which the "refined" item belongs.

If the contract includes all skins from a single collection, then, when the exchange is done, there will be a skin from this collection only in your inventory. The chance of a specific skin drop does not necessarily depend on its cost. Therefore, if you upload a dozen MP5-SD/Phosphor for refining, then you can get either AWP/Neo-Noir or AK-47/Asiimov with an equivalent chance. At the same time, the “Factory New” AK-47/Asiimov is three times more expensive than AWP.

Thus, you can decrease the cost of your contract by adding some skins from other collections to it. For example, by mixing five P2000/Amber Fade and five P250/Splash, you can get one of three skins: two of them will belong to the P250/Splash collection and the other one — to the P2000/Amber Fade collection.

Using CS:GO upgrade websites

Another way to improve your skin is to upgrade it using special sites. The essence of the mode is that you upload your skin, either pay in cash or combine these methods, select the skin you want, and wait for the upgrade to finish. If you are lucky enough, you can get the desired skin, and then withdraw it, or sell it and try your luck later.

Trying your luck at CS:GO roulette sites

Such Roulette websites are quite popular among CS: GO users.

To take part in the game, you just have to make a bet and upload some skins, cases, or items, and then, you should choose the items you want to get. Other participants do the same. If you’re lucky, then you will get the item of your choice. If you fail, then you lose your bet forever. The more things you bet, the higher the chance of getting beautiful or rare skin!

We can’t say that all roulette websites are cheating, but you should understand that it’s the roulette owner only who gains the profit, but not the user. This is how all roulettes and any play modes work. If you want to play such mode once, then you can take a chance. But we don’t recommend you play it on an ongoing basis, since you can lose all your skins.

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