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How Marketing Tools Evolved In 2021

Online marketing is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving and offering new digital opportunities. Of course, this means that you always have to keep your finger on the pulse in order to achieve the desired success. There will also be innovations in 2021 that need to be taken into account.

Voice search is progressing

Alexa, Siri and Co. - voice search is now widespread and will play an increasingly important role in the next few years. So it is not surprising that special SEO measures for voice search are among the most important online marketing trends for 2021. At the moment, things like opening times, recipes or the weather are being searched for using voice search. These can be easily read out by Google and Co. through well-maintained, structured data and displayed as a result. But websites should also be optimized accordingly in other areas in order to take up the peculiarities of this type of search.

The biggest difference to the written search is that the voice search often asks for whole sentences instead of just individual keywords. This should be taken into account, for example, when creating the content: Structure texts in such a way that the headings take up W-questions, which are then answered directly in the following paragraph. Another important point is clarity: With a table of contents, search engines and users immediately recognize what the page is about and can jump to the desired location.
  • Simple texts: When creating content, make sure that it is easy to understand and that it is clear when the reader looks through where the reader can find the information they are looking for. The most important questions should be answered right at the beginning
  • Mobile optimizations: Voice searches are mainly carried out using smartphones. Make sure that your website has a responsive design so that it can be displayed well on all devices. Mobile optimization is also good for YouTube content. As for promotion, it’s important to upload quality content and buy YouTube likes.
  • Loading time: Optimize the page speed. If a website loads too slowly, users quickly jump off and in most cases never return.

Google Ads are very important - try these tools!

Google Ads is always offering new ways to reach your target group through well-structured campaigns. In 2021, some new tools will make this even easier:
  • Insights: This new feature shows you the latest trends and changes in user demand. You can react immediately to adapt your advertising accordingly. This allows you to get even more out of your campaigns.
  • Performance Max Campaigns: This feature enables automated campaign switching via various channels such as Google search, the display network or YouTube. This makes it easier to control the campaigns. In addition, new reports should be available for evaluation so that you have a precise overview of the successes achieved. In addition, other online marketing trends related to Google Ads can be identified.
When you advertise your business to users, you pay for every click of an ad. It makes sense to connect with other online marketing channels to ensure that users are bound to your brand. You can do this, for example, by providing good content that inspires trust. You can also improve your branding with a well-thought-out social media strategy . You present yourself and your customers will remember you through personal posts on Facebook, Instagram and Co. These will then likely come back to you in the future without you having to pay for the click again.

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