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Martin Rayburn is more a walker, walker.
Much like his music, I've found Justin Timberlake's acting to be palatable in smaller doses. Runner, Runner sees him headlining as Richie Furst, a Princeton University student who used to have a lucrative career on Wall Street, which has prevented him from receiving tuition assistance, so he helped to fund his master's degree by referring students to online gambling like 918kiss, for which he receives a cut.

What we have here is a shallow implausible farce of a movie (I find it hard to believe that the events that take place are rumored to be the make up of a true story) but one which is somehow someway an entertaining one at that. With much of the story taking place in Costa Rica, it looks luscious, and there's been some money thrown at the screen. Seemingly some was thrown at Ben Affleck too as he turns in a lackluster paycheque performance as Ivan Block, the man who runs a conglomerate of online gambling websites that Furst ends up becoming involved with, before the FBI forcibly recruit him to assist in getting Block behind bars.

Timberlake, much like his character, is in way over his head. But despite how much of the film rests upon his shoulders, Runner, Runner somehow succeeds all the same. This is primarily thanks to its slick direction from Brad Furman, tight editing and decent script. Another ace in the game here is Anthony Mackie as FBI Agent Shavers. He steals every scene he's in and outshines just about all the other main players. Gemma Arterton, on the other hand, does her very best with what she's given but is entirely wasted and I'd suggest she was originally only cast as eye-candy. No matter how talented she is, Arterton fails to elevate her role to anything memorable. She's far, far better than this

A big positive with Runner, Runner though is that it moves at a speed. Everything is set in place quickly, and the whole shebang is wrapped up in an hour and a half; rare for a movie these days. It's the cinematic equivalent of a Big Mac; you know it's not exactly nutritious but it's tasty whilst you're eating it (and both of them have a good portion of cheese).

When all is said and done, Runner, Runner is kinda predictable, but it's a fun, breezy movie, one which is helped immensely by Mackie delivering crackling dialogue every time he's on screen. Just when you think things might head downhill, the film picks up the pace and willingly takes you with it. It's definitely not a movie to take seriously and it would've helped a lot of Affleck looked like he cared and Timberlake didn't look like he was 15, but if you've not seen it then it's worth taking a chance on Runner, Runner, you just might like it like it.

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