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Will Subscription Service Deals Follow in the Footsteps of Online Casinos?

Ever since Netflix changed the landscape for television and film, it has seemed inevitable that gaming would also go the way of the subscription platform. Developers are now getting used to this new marketing model, and players are seeing a huge influx of different library-based options to choose from.

As the subscription service model becomes ubiquitous in gaming, brands are starting to offer better promotions to win players over. This could follow the model of the online casino sector, which is now awash with deals for players.

Online Casino Industry Has Led the Way for Offers

Because the industry blew up in a short space of time and competition was ripe from the outset, welcome bonuses have always existed at online casinos. However, the casino offers in place nowadays give players so much more than they used to, which highlights just how operators are now doing all they can to win players over from their rivals. An example of this would be the 50 euro bonus


Subscription Platforms Becoming More Abundant

At online casinos, many players will join multiple sites to take advantage of the different offers. Subscription platforms in the gaming industry, on the other hand, are unlikely to grow up as fast as online casinos because the model aims to lure players in and keep them for longer periods. 

There are already quite a few subscription services for gamers to pick from, though, and it is getting hard to decide on just one. PC players have the most choice, with Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, Humble Choice, Google Stadia and Uplay Plus just a few of the options. These have sprouted up rapidly over the last three or four years, and no doubt there will be many more to come in the years ahead.

As these sites grow, many of them will provide similar gaming experiences. This means that brands may need to turn to offers to attract players. 

Exclusives and Deals Will Win Players Over

With the amount of value that players get from signing up to a game subscription service, it’s going to be hard for the companies behind them to tout the same kind of bonuses found at online casinos. However, there is likely to be a rise in the number of services offering free months before players are required to pay.

The main area in which brands will try to outdo one another is in the exclusives they provide. It may be a case that these platforms will start to sign lucrative deals with developers to get exclusive access to their games.

Subscription services will have to enter fiercer competition with their rivals as more options emerge, but it doesn’t seem likely that their bonuses will be as fruitful as those found at online casinos. The gambling industry should always lead the way in this regard.

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