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How Mobile Casino Has Grown the Casino Market

Today, the online gaming industry is estimated to be worth around $100 billion worldwide and still growing rapidly. Casino, bingo, slots, and wagering on sports are key elements of this booming industry that is boosted by new technologies.


Ever since the first online bookmakers and casinos opened in 1998, people have flocked from land-based to digital gaming. After Apple kickstarted the smartphone revolution in 2007, the growth of mobile gaming became seemingly unstoppable.


Now, through secure and well-reputed online casino providers such as Rainbow Riches, the casino market has become stronger than ever. This growth looks set to continue as improved technologies and new developments create ever-better gaming experiences for players worldwide.


Just three years ago, in 2019, the mobile casino market was estimated to be worth around $59 million. By the end of 2023, that figure is expected to be almost $93 million, growing to $113 million by 2025.


That phenomenal growth has been caused, and continues to be driven, by several factors.



Online PC gaming removed the need to attend land-based casinos but still tied players into one physical location. With mobile casino, anyone can enjoy a quality playing experience wherever they are, at any time they choose.


Playing can now enjoy a few rounds of blackjack while on the bus, or roulette spins on a work break. Casino can be enjoyed over a morning coffee in the kitchen, or during the commercials of an evening TV show.


This level of pick-up-and-play convenience has helped grow the casino market to vast new audiences. Gamers no longer need to visit a physical land-based casino, or retire to a dark computer room, to enjoy playing.


The development of dedicated apps and player profiles also means that play can be seamlessly and securely moved between devices. A single casino experience can begin on a bedroom PC, continued on a phone, and completed on a tablet. 


Safety and security

Being able to take control of your environment has made many people feel more safe and comfortable to enjoy casino. Live casino experiences can be thrilling but, for some players, the environment can feel overwhelming, or even unsafe.


The ability to play in a situation that feels comfortable and safe is important to huge numbers of players. The option to step away from the experience at a click of a button can also be reassuring for many.


Mobile phones also offer secure payment technology and systems, even more so with the recent embracing of blockchain currencies. Swapping cash and chips for credit through everyday payment systems helps many mobile casino users feel more secure.



Land-based casinos have been popular since they were introduced and continue to be so in many cities. Millions of people still travel to casino towns such as Las Vegas or Macau for fully immersive gaming experiences.


However, one big restriction of physical playing is the amount of choice that can be offered. Space is at a premium and changes can be expensive, limiting the number of options any casino can provide.


For online play, these restrictions disappear, only imagination limits the variety of gaming options that can be made available. On a mobile website or app, games can be upgraded or changed far more quickly and easily.


With increased choice comes the ability to widen appeal by catering directly to the tastes and requirements of different customers. This broadening of products and their packaging has made a huge impact on the industry’s growth potential beyond traditional markets.


Some of the most popular games offered by online casinos include:

  • Blackjack

A simple card game that can be played solo, with a virtual or live dealer, or socially in virtual groups. Blackjack offers a combination of luck, skill, simplicity and flexible playing time that is appealing to many players.

This is a straightforward game to learn but can become more rewarding as deeper understanding of its probabilities develops. A single round of blackjack can be played in seconds, or sessions can last indefinitely if a player chooses.

  • Poker

The king of casino skill games, poker in its many variations allows players to take control of their fortune. Though more complex than many games, the depth and nuance of poker make it incredibly popular with many players.

Social features such as chat rooms, live dealers, video play, and competitions are particularly enjoyed by mobile poker players. These help retain the psychological aspects of the game which have been key to in-person play for two centuries.

  • Roulette

A game of pure luck and probability with the potential for big wins, roulette has always been a casino staple. Players can stake their wagers on a range from 50/50 spins to almost 50 to 1 odds.

This flexibility, alongside the iconic table and wheel and the tension each spin creates, makes roulette popular online and off. Players can dip in for a single spin, play as long as their chips last, and cash out any time.

  • Slots

The easiest of all casino games is slots, and these are particularly suited to the mobile market. Easy and quick to play with minimal knowledge, skill, or understanding required, anyone can enjoy mobile slots games.

Huge varieties of styles, gameplay, music, and themes mean there is a slot game to appeal to almost anyone. The simplicity of a slot interface also works particularly well on small touchscreen devices.

Almost any casino game can be converted into mobile format, allowing mobiles to grow the casino market to incredible levels. Convenience, safety, security, and choice mean these games now appeal to a wider global market than ever before.


It seems as though casino and mobile technology are almost perfect bedfellows, and together their appeal can only grow. As technologies continually develop, it will be interesting to see what is next in the phenomenal rise of mobile casino.

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