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Best Comics About Students You Should Read

Comics use graphics or images and text to tell a story or pass a message. They enhance the creativity of learners beyond providing an engaging session for the students. Comics say a variety of stories that will aid children in learning different academic as well as social aspects.

The narrative will be interesting depending on the age of the kid and the lesson you would like them to learn. Consider the author and publisher, especially their history of offering exciting stories. Here are comics that will capture the imagination of kids, enticing them to read more stories.


Watchmen is written by Alan Moore, one of the most recognizable figures in the comic world. It is then drawn by Dave Gibbons, giving the unimaginable comic success. Can someone help me with my homework while I enjoy the narrative in the comics? Online writing services provide the best relief from the intense homework and coursework for students at different learning levels.

Watchmen is in the superhero genre. It is part of the DC comics series that has engaged the lovers of these narratives for decades now. It is heavy on sociological and psychological issues, making it a perfect choice for students at different levels.

Watchmen comic projects superhuman capability in people. It is also a funny story with a lot of incredible adventures. The comic also provides excellent life lessons for students at different levels. It is one of the most successful comic series of all time. Because of its quality and narrative, it has been turned into a movie that was released in 2009. It featured in the list of The Greatest Novels of All Times in 2005. It is worth every mention and minute spent reading through its pages.

Young Avengers

Young Avengers is a perfect choice for students below 18 years. The narrative captured in Young Avengers is easy for the generation to identify with. The heroes have been portrayed in numerous American movies and comic books.

Marvel Comics has done a great job with the adolescent characters. The first series made its debut in 2005, created by Jim Cheung and Allan Heinberg. The superhero character has made the narrative more popular among the target generation. The characters also inspire the students to take up positive social behaviors, especially after class.


Maus is a work of art but also offers real-life experiences for many people. It is an educational comic that will act as a double-edged sword with incredible entertainment packed into the story. The comic is also based on a true story about a Polish Jew who survived WWII.

The story of surviving WWII has made Maus a popular comic among enthusiasts. The characters in the comic are portrayed as animals. The mice, cats, dogs, dolphins, and pigs respectively represent Jews, Germans, Americans, Britons, and Poles. The writer conceals the real pain that the actual characters in real life experienced. It also helps the reader to identify with the narrative without the bias of nationalism.

Maus is popular because of its literary value. History is presented in concealed version, making it easier for readers to identify with the stories as well as learn the lessons. It has been voted among the best literature books of the 20th Century.

V for Vendetta

Alan Moore returns to the comic scene with one of the best-written narratives. David Lloyd narrates the story, giving it a unique taste. The comic tells the story of V, a man who is fed up with the vices in his community. He is also against the government for over-controlling the lives of people in London. The impact of its messaging on social inequality led to the book being used as the symbol of protests in Occupy Wall Street campaigns.

While the world is moving away from violent protests, the story points to the necessity of such an approach where the situation demands. You can get cheap essay writing services to handle your assignments on comics or any other topic that could be bothering you. The main character uses masks, wigs, hats, and other costumes to pass a specific message for the season. It is a great book to welcome students into the world of activism.

The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller is the brain behind The Dark Knight Returns. It features Adam West, a man who prefers playing and enjoying his Batusi dance in his grey pajamas. However, Bruce Wayne is wary of batman tales. The comic features incredible lessons on political corruption and violence.

Comics provide the best learning materials whenever you want lessons on creativity. The dynamic narratives captured in the comics make them perfect for kids in different grades. Though they are turned into movies, reading the comic books will provide an engaging learning session that will help children to understand the different concepts taught in class.

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