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Best New Slots to Try Your Luck

For the enthusiastic slots gamers, it can be easy to fall into the trap of playing the same slots games over and over again, just because they offer the biggest number of free spins or are an old reliable that you feel comfortable with. But what happens when they stop causing that buzz of adrenaline coursing through your veins?

Well, this is where we can help! Rather than reverting to playing an old faithful that is reliable but dull, maybe consider trying new slots first to see how well you fare – you might discover a new favourite! is a first port of call when searching for new slots to obsess over, and below we’ve got a few suggestions of the best new slots for you to try out and test your luck with, so read on to discover your new slots obsession.

Mad Max Fury Road

As the name suggests, Mad Max Fury Road is a stunningly designed game that has quickly become known as a classic amongst slots gamers for its movie theme, simple yet effective gameplay, and superior graphics that, along with the sound effects, are simple yet high-quality. Players get the opportunity to go on an adventure based on the Mad Max hit film and it offers huge jackpots that are actually, for once, winnable!

In-game features work to maintain pulse-racing gameplay and, as a result, it is constantly amassing more players on its roster.

Buffalo Blitz

With over 4000 ways to win (yes, you read that correctly), Buffalo Blitz has become one of the most in-demand slots games to hit the market in the last year. It has been designed in the style of a game show, complete with a host who leads the game and offers commentary throughout – which we can all agree is a fresh feel on an old format.

There are over a hundred free games available, as well as multiple features, but it’s the brand-new cross-vertical concept of Buffalo Blitz, Live Slots that is drawing players in. It is officially the first live game that allows the players to participate in a game together, taking part in ‘community spins’. This feature also allows for Free Spins bonuses, treading new ground in the live arena slots gaming world.

To get started, players choose their total limit, the number of spins they want, and then set their bet-per-spin. Spins continue automatically once the game has begun, each spin occurring every few seconds. If you haven’t checked this game out yet, you really should!

Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway

Another new slots game using gameshows as an inspiration, Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway harks back to the halcyon days of 90s gameshows, with colourful, quirky graphics and a vintage vibe for the nostalgia-heads.

Full to the brim with extra little features and subtle detail, even the most observant gamers will find themselves noticing new elements, even after hours of playing! The game ends with players attempting to activate the eponymous wheel of fortune, which allows players a plethora of different exciting options depending on where the wheel lands: free spins, jackpots, money grabs, and more.

Apes of Wrath

This new slots game is not only an amusing play on the famous John Steinbeck book, Grapes of Wrath, but is also a highly fun, high-quality offering for players to get stuck into. The overall theme is jungle-based (as the name suggests) and contains a wide range of special symbols for players to look out for, including wild multipliers and scatters. It also boasts a free spins feature and can be accessed across a range of devices, meaning that you can play on the go or on the sofa.

Another great feature is the progressive slot jackpot, which means you have a chance of winning big prizes! This is made even better by the low-cost minimum bet and capped max bet, allowing even the most casual slots player a reason to play.

Honolulu Nights

A travel-themed slots game, Honolulu will be released to excited gamers in May 2021. With a higher maximum bet than many slots game, but a cost-effective minimum bet requirement, the game appeals to a whole host of different gamers, from the more serious players to those who just want a fun way to pass the time.

It has a low-to-medium volatility with progressive slots and offers a free spins feature as well as an auto play feature – both of which will tickle many a gamer’s fancy. This three-reel slot game is in a 3x3 layout, with 5 paylines, slightly changing up the usual layout of these types of games.

Another bonus of this game is the quality of the graphics and gameplay, being bright, exciting and reminiscent of casino nightlife!

Sticky Bandits 3: Most Wanted

Although the graphics and gameplay of this offering are not quite as high-quality as the other new slots we’ve introduced you to, Sticky Bandits 3: Most Wanted is nevertheless a great slots game for those who are looking for something new to fill their time (and occupy their gambling fingers and thumbs).

A Wild West-themed slot game, Sticky Bandits 3: Most Wanted contains a range of special symbols for players to keep an eye out for: wilds, wild multipliers, scatters, wild scatters, and sticky wilds. It also boasts a free spins feature which offers excellent rewards, as well as auto play and multipliers, and an excellent range between the minimum and maximum bets, allowing many different players the opportunity to join in the fun!

The game contains 30 paylines, with 5 rows and a 5-reel slot, with medium volatility, and thus has much more for players to get stuck into.

We know that it’s often tempting to resort to playing your old favourites, but it would be foolish to miss out on some of the most exciting slots to come out this year! Why not test out these games and find the slot for you?

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