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Are Sites Like Chatroulette The New Way To Meet People Online?

Video calls with random people are becoming of high popularity. The tendency to conduct a video chat was backed up by the appearance of the global pandemic that caused people to start communicating at a distance.

Today, you can chat online via different platforms such as Chatroulette. Despite being selected by numerous users all over the globe, there are still many other sites that resemble Chatroulette. Let's consider platforms that are like Chatroulette with the help of which you can meet new people.

Platforms Similar to Chatroulette

Nowadays, communicating in chat rooms is not a novelty. Users from every corner of the world have the possibility to talk to family members, friends, and completely random people via video chatting platforms. While some of these sites can be paid for, others are entirely free to use.

One of these platforms titled Chatroulette was launched in far 2009. This site set the pace for other similar platforms and assisted to catapult the practice of conducting communications via video. Today, it is likely almost every user has had a roulette video chat at least once.

Using chat roulette webcams, people are able to talk to strangers on different topics and find like-minded people. Still, Chatroulette is not the only option for modern users. It is pretty possible to discover other sites with similar features and principles of operation. If you want to diversify your online communication with other platforms we gather several options for you below so you can select the best Chatroulette alternative. With these variants, you will surely conduct successful video calls and get acquainted with many interesting people.


CallMeChat is probably the best option among sites like Chatroulette that can replace Chatroulette. Here you can carry out video chats with random strangers. CallMeChat resembles Chatroulette structurally and in terms of functionality.

Also, this service offers a paid Android site version. By paying an affordable sum of money, users will have the possibility to utilize the service mobile via the CallMeChat application. Also, before you start to chat online, you are able to set filters to discover companions who share your interests.


Omegle is another good analog to Chatroulette. Before you join chat rooms, you can enter some optional interests, and only after that begin a conversation. This will assist you to find an interesting companion to talk to.

While Chatroulette offers video chat roulette, Omegle likewise proposes a text-only mode. This is pretty useful for those users who don't want to reveal themselves in public. At the same time, these people can communicate with others easily.


BuzzCast previously titled FaceCast differs a little bit from services for video chatting discussed in this article. BuzzCast does not have web application users can utilize. It is available via the smartphone application only. What's more, the BuzzCast app can be downloaded just on Android devices.

With the assistance of this application, you will be able to talk to random users. If you find common ground with certain people, you can start following them. After you subscribe to each other, you are able to return to your video chat at any time. This function simplifies utilizing the application to create meaningful friendships.


Having a roulette video chat is great, but CamSurf is more convenient for the reason it provides both web and smartphone applications to users. The phone application can be downloaded on both your Android and iOS devices.

To start using CamSurf is simple and fast. There is no necessity to create an account or provide the system with other details. You can begin to chat in a flash of the eye with the web version of this service. At the same time, while utilizing the CamSurf smartphone application, users are able to filter connections by language and location.


Being analog to Chatroulette, Chatspin offers to conduct video chats with random people via a web application. Also, Chatspin is similar to Omegle for the reason it proposes a text chat facility as well. It means there is no need to turn on your microphone or camera.

To begin talking to interesting people, you should not create an account. All you should do is enter your gender and select a person to start a conversation with.


According to the last count, Paltalk possesses over 100 million downloads across its applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This makes Paltalk a good alternative to Chatroulette. Paltalk can boast of different useful features offered to users.

Some of these features include group chat rooms, support for gifts and stickers, and a function titled "friend" that provides you with the possibility to strengthen relationships that you make on the Paltalk platform.

Some of the examples of group chats involve music quizzes, lots of geo-focused rooms, politics, and more. This service is free to use like when utilizing chat roulette webcams.


Nowadays, there is no need to visit cafes, parks, and other places in order to meet new people. Everybody has the possibility to have fun talking to strangers via video chat roulette and other video chatting platforms. Particularly, such sites came to the rescue during the pandemic when real communication was restricted.

Chatroulette is just one of the possible platforms with the help of which you can meet people online. With the best analogs of Chatroulette, you can familiarize yourself above. All of these alternatives are worth your trust and attention since they are popular on the same level as Chatroulette. With them, you can chat online with interesting users and become friends with them.

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