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Angels History: The Five Greatest Angels Pitchers

In baseball, a pitcher is a person or the player who throws the baseball. They throw from the pitcher's mound to the catcher so the game can start. The goal is to either make a strike or batter with the pitched ball. The players can also draw a walk. There have been great pitchers over the years for the Angels team. However, this article discusses the five best pitchers of all time. They include; 


  • Ervin Santana 

He is one of the greatest angel’s players from 2005. His best and the top season is 2008. Ervin came to the limelight in 2005 when he pitched the complete game, which was the beginning of his second career. Though he had many great moments, Santana needed help with consistency. 

The year 2008 was one of the best. This was when Ervin was named the star of the Angels team. The team finished second in AL strikeouts and was sixth, according to the AL CY Young voting. 


  • Francisco Rodriguez 

He played for the Angels from 2002 to 2008. However, his best was the year 2008. Rodriguez is an all-time star with 62 saves, 77 strikeouts, and 2.24. He holds an MLB record for having the most saves in 2008. He is also ranked 3rd in the CY young records for that season.  

Rodrigues won five games in Angel's 2002 Playoff run. He became the youngest pitcher to have won the World Series games at 20 years. 


  • Mike Witt 

He was Angel’s pitcher from 1981 to 1990. His best record was the year 1986. Mike made his main baseball debut when playing for the Angels at age 20. He is known as the only Angle ever to throw a perfect game. His best strikes were 10. He threw 94 pitches. He pitched perfectly on the last day of the year 1984 season. 


  • John Lackey 

The period as an Angel is from 2002 to 2009. His best season was the year 2007. Lackey won 7 games in the 2002 World Series. He also helped to navigate the Angels to playoffs at least five times during the eight seasons playing for the Angels team. John Lackey has won 102 games playing with the Angels, ranking him 4th as an all-time star. 


  • Scot Shields 

This player played for the Angels from 2001 to 2010. Scots best season was the year 2005. His record is an ERA: of 2.75, Holds: 32 and 98 strikeouts. He held a team record for making the most pitching appearances in the 2005 season and was named the "setup man of that decade" by sports illustrated. He was a member of the year 2002 World Series team. Most players find the best online casinoto bet on baseball. ScotsShields was the only pitcher participating in the 2006 world baseball classics. However, this player didn't receive proper recognition because he wasn't the starting and closing pitcher. But a 3.18 ERA is among the 7th best in the Angels' history. 

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