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How to Wager on Eurovision in 2023 and Also Which Markets Should You Pay Attention to

A long-standing custom in European culture is the annual Eurovision song contest. On May 9, the 2023 season will begin airing from Liverpool, Great Britain.

Although the European Broadcasting Union has featured this competition on a regular basis for more than 60 years, many people view it as a way to earn some additional money.

You got it right. We’re discussing Internet betting on the Eurovision contest! In fact, there are a number of Eurovision betting sites that allow wagers on the Eurovision that we totally recommend. These sportsbooks (no matter how strange it sounds to bet on a singing contest on a sportsbook) would offer the best support, generous bonuses, and appealing odds.

What a Reliable Eurovision Betting Site Should Have

The list of Eurovision betting sites we mentioned above on which you can win serious cash online is the result of hours of study by expert crews dealing with such a matter. Each site has undergone a rigorous examination to determine its level of excellence in terms of banking alternatives, bonus opportunities, and legality and security for players.

Here’s what makes online sportsbooks for placing Eurovision wagers suitable for wagering on the contest:
  • fully licensed
  • fully legal
  • odds updated daily
  • lucrative bonuses/promotions
  • vast of banking options
  • unparalleled customer support

Eurovision Wagering Options

When you gamble on the Eurovision song contest online, you’ll never run out of different bet types! Most of these wagers are mentioned on our suggested gambling sites. These are the wager kinds that appear the most frequently each year, however, they may differ slightly from sportsbook to sportsbook.

Eurovision Champion

These are essentially wagers made on who’ll win the competition as a whole. The nearer the event, the more betting odds and lines become available. While bets can be made at any time during the competition, betting around premiere night is highly recommended because that’s when the odds and payoff potential are at their greatest.

Top Performers

When bettors submit a top finisher/performer wager, there’s no pressure to predict the Eurovision song contest’s overall winner. Players just need to forecast the range in which they believe a nation will place. This kind of wager evolved and became inventive. Finishes in the top three or top five are typical in any given year.

Eurovision Prop Bets

During the competition, certain events or circumstances constitute the basis for proposition bets. These wagers can concentrate on particulars or emphasize significant occurrences or absences throughout the contest.

Eurovision Futures

The outright victor bet and this Eurovision wager are identical in concept. Futures do with picking the Eurovision winner. However, in this case, the wagers are put a great deal earlier. Players often place bets on the outright winner a few weeks prior to the competition’s start or during it. With futures, gamblers can witness their slips being prepared more than a year in ahead.

Eurovision Wagering Approaches

When placing online Eurovision bets, there are various strategies to increase your chances of winning. You might gain an advantage with these methods that you weren’t aware were possible.

Get the Best Odds

Avoid becoming hooked on betting on your favorite artists or countries to the point where you overlook betting opportunities elsewhere. Examine all of the odds offered at the Eurovision betting lines every day. Place your bets wherever you have the greatest advantage possible to maximize your wins by locating the best odds. You can go one step further and sign up with different sportsbooks to gain a more comprehensive understanding of all of the odds available.

Put Wagers in Early

For many players, this might be a challenging circumstance. Because the chances are better early in a competition, betting early will typically result in a larger payout. With so many contestants, picking a winner is more difficult.

Please remember: Your odds are lower if you submit your wagers later in the tournament. Naturally, you’ll have a much easier time picking the winner, but your reward won't be as big as it was when your chances were better.

Professionals advise using the former strategy because it has fewer dangers and drawbacks than the latter. Discover the best odds, and you’ll be on your way to winning the biggest payoff.

Read Online Opinion Polling

Visit social media or Internet publications that cover the Eurovision singing contest. Remember that audience votes have a role in determining the winner. There’s a lot of material available online that could serve as a gauge of the general consensus. Visit the social media pages for Eurovision or read the articles that online sportsbooks publish on the contest’s hopes and fan favorites.

View Chronological Competition Trends

Analyzing previous Eurovision contests may provide useful insight into how to choose the champion this year. Examine the winning tendencies from previous years. There’s a very good likelihood that the tendency or pattern will reappear at Eurovision 2023.

How Can You Place a Bet on Eurovision?

To place a wager on the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is simply too early. But the bookmakers are still developing their thoughts despite that and attracting bettors who prefer to make essentially blind bets. About that a bit later...

A Reliable Sportsbook Is Important

We can’t emphasize more how crucial it’s to select renowned, reliable Eurovision betting sites. Many people don’t consider security and safety until their personal data is compromised.

The good news is that the online sportsbooks we recommend provide odds for Eurovision to implement safety and security measures to safeguard their customers. Each website employs additional safeguards to protect players from internet dangers.

Are you prepared to start betting on Eurovision entertainment with a reputable, top-rated sportsbook? Starting with one of our suggested gambling apps is a great idea. To get started, click the “Sign up“ or “Join“ button.

Fill Up Your Account With Money

So you decided to wager on Eurovision at a reputed bookmaker. Box checked. Next, what? You must fund your account, then. Additionally, the Eurovision betting platforms we recommend give its users the choice of utilizing a variety of credit and debit cards or cryptocurrencies for both deposits and withdrawals.

If you haven’t checked Bitcoin or Ethereum options, do so now. You may find bigger deposit maximums and other benefits when utilizing cryptocurrencies, depending on the Eurovision gaming app or website you use. For complete terms and conditions, carefully read the banking page.

Watch out for newbies and exclusive promos. For individuals who want to add more money to their accounts, these bonuses are desirable. Many of these take the form of complimentary money obtained through a contest. Players only need to make a little deposit to receive the bonus, which is returned to them as a portion of that matching.

Examine the Odds and Place a Bet

Go to the gambling lines page of your Eurovision betting app now since your account is complete. All wager types should be listed in full detail. These are probably going to include wagers on the eventual victor, the overall winner, the top finishers, and a number of prop bets.

Select your favorite betting lines, then start including them in your bet slip. Make sure you are familiar with both the odds and the terms and conditions. Once you've entered all the necessary information accurately, click “Submit“ to send your wager through. Easy!

Get Your Funds

You have been eagerly awaiting this moment. This is the main draw of Internet betting on the Eurovision contest.

Note this: Within just a few hours of the show’s completion, the majority of Eurovision betting providers deposit winnings into your account. It’s crucial to keep in mind, too, that the withdrawal method you choose can affect how quickly you receive your money. To minimize ambiguity, familiarize yourself in advance with the banking policies and guidelines. Customer assistance is always on hand to address any difficulties if there are any.


You ought to know where and how to wager on the Eurovision contest online by this point.

The odds are topped by Ukraine, who easily won the most recent competition. The optimism expressed toward the Ukrainian performance in Turin, according to forecasters, is expected to carry over to the upcoming competition. Although Ukraine won’t be the customary host this year due to the war on their territory, their victory will be recognized during the competition.

The second favorite among bookmakers is Italy. With “Brividi“ by Blanco & Mahmood, they did remarkably exceptionally well for a hosting country in 2022, finishing sixth. This early positioning is perhaps explained by Sanremo’s enduring strength.

The last time Sweden won was in 2015, so they are in comfortable surroundings and are currently is favorite No. 3. Melodifestivalen ensures a large selection of songs that might be contenders in ESC.

Good luck!

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