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The History of the Appearance of the One-Armed Bandit


While the rules of poker define different betting rounds in standard games where people can make multiple decisions, there is a lot of simplicity. Players must choose how many coins to bet before the hand starts and choose which cards to keep in video poker. The effortless playing of video poker and other modern slots has made it very popular. You don't have to think too much when dealing with machines, so it seems more attractive to recreational players. Moreover, technology's latest evolution and development make these games more fun, but how did it all start? In this article, we want to inform you about the background and improvement of popular slot machines in the name of a one-armed bandit. By that, you will understand why in reliable online platforms such as PinUP, such machines are important and favorable among customers. 

The evolution of video poker into slot machines

Video poker is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. One of the many reasons that everyone like it is the simplicity of its gameplay and ability to make decisions with every hand. Video poker was born decades ago when the first poker machine was launched in 1887 by Sittman, a New York company. This game was based on Texas Hold'em, not a lottery game, played on all these machines these days. The developers of this device made five rings, also known as a drum at that time. Each reel displayed ten playing cards, and players had to swipe the surface to start a new game. The drums would eventually spin on a particular playing card and stop.

To cut the chance of landing on a royal flush in half, the machine developers eliminated the ten spade numbers and the jack of hearts cards. Several years later, Charles Fay, the famous grandfather of the slot machine, designed a unique poker machine that paid up to 20 jackpots to players if they hit a royal flush. His first device was the "calling card," but later, he developed the "skill draw" device, which came with a maintenance feature. Players could keep at least one active card while spinning other reels, which helped heal their hands.

History of video slots 

The first poker machine paved the way for the first slot machine. It was designed by Charles Fay, who named it the Liberty Bell. The machine had three reels, and players could enjoy their winning payouts instantly. In addition to the usual card symbols, the machine also featured a horseshoe and a liberty bell symbol. Players had to line up all the symbols to form a winning combination. The first machine became an instant hit among gamblers, and soon others began developing similar slot machines. Today, the Liberty Bell is no longer in operation but is on display in a museum in Reno. The government banned the first slot machine in 1902, and although it continued to operate, it no longer offered cash prizes. This ushered in the era of fruit vending machines, and Herbert Mills developed the first machine in 1907.

These machines paid players in the form of gum and fruit-flavored candies that matched the reels. A year later, people could find the machines in saloons, shops, tobacconists, and bowling alleys. This was the first time that machines showed the BAR symbol. Other symbols were melons, cherries, apples, and oranges. After this, developers began to operate slot machines mechanically for several decades. Players had to lower a surface that would help the reels spin. This process gave the players the illusion that they could determine the outcome, even though it was random.

You can find fruit slots online. The first electromechanical slot machine was created in 1964 by Bally, who called Money Honey. It had a lever that players had to pull, and the crown was stars, clovers, and jewels. With this machine, players could win up to 500 coins. Developers removed the lever from electromechanical slot machines.

Online casino slots

In the mid-90s, a big wave of the internet brought online casinos. These casinos only had blackjack and roulette, but lots were introduced over time. As expected, online slots became a success, and players preferred them to other traditional casino games. Initially, developers released online slots with the same features, including symbols and reels. Computer programming removed the limitations that made it possible to create more interesting games. Soon, players were greeted with more exciting themes, better structures, and layouts.

Today, you'll find online slots with more than five reels and distinctive designs. These slots also have multiple themes, symbols, and bonus rounds. Some, like Microgaming, have a reputation for developing some of the best games.

The Bottom Line

Over the years, the gambling industry has evolved and continues to do so. Today, you can play video poker, video slots, or online games. You will find many titles at your favorite online casino. You can even hit the jackpot with a small bet and become an overnight millionaire. Thanks to official online gambling platforms such as PinUp, you can now choose your slot games from anywhere and anytime and enjoy your gambling. 

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