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3 Best Ancient Egyptian-Themed Games On The Market!

Ancient Egypt is a goldmine for game developers. With a rich lore including historical fact to godlike fiction, it is the perfect backdrop. While some games are extremely in-depth, there are many created for more casual gamers. Below, we give our pick of Egyptian-themed games for casual players.  

Book of Dead 

Book of the Dead is a franchise that has grown popular in the ever-expanding iGaming arena. At its most basic, it is a slot game that lets you pay to play, with the reward being that you may just win money. Yet Book of Dead is much more complex, blending an epic adventure story into the mix with some exciting puzzle-type elements and bonuses to keep players entertained.  

The premise is that you are Rich Wilde, an intrepid explorer in the vein of Indiana Jones. In your quest to bag as much treasure as possible, you have to spin the reels and get correlating symbols. The aim is to trigger the free spins bonus feature, which can provide you with ways to play without dipping into your bankroll.  

You can also play using the funds of the house by finding providers that offer quality bonuses for new players. We'd advise looking for a free spins no deposit offer, which essentially meansyou don't have to put money into play and can still win. This lets you discover popular slot games, Book of Dead included, without having to pay. You can then decide if you want to carry on and make further wagers.  

Strange Brigade 

Strange Brigade is a co-op third-person shooter. Set in the 1930s, the main premise is to work your way around tombs and crypts blasting Egyptian-themed adversaries. These include giant scorpions, scarabs, and of course, mummies.  

What gives it a real edge is the ability to discover relics that upgrade amulet powers. These can only be found by completing puzzles, working your brain as well as your shooting abilities.  

While it is a third-person shooter, the game manages to retain its appeal for casual gamers. There is no blood or gore, and the co-operative element is mainly puzzle based so you don't need complex tactics. Completed by Rebellion Developments, it received positive praise and was voted as one of The Telegraph's 50 Best Games of 2018.  

Predynastic Egypt 

Few city builder games that aim for historical accuracy over artistic license come off well. Predynastic Egypt, with its utilitarian title, sounds like it may be one. However, it flirts a fantastic line between realism and being extremely fun.  

You start in Egypt before the erection of the great pyramids. You aim to guide your tribe through historical hardships, such as major epidemics and wars. Decide on what to build, such as temples, houses, and tombs as you take your people to a bright future.  

There are many more, some with increased levels of depth and complexity. However, for lovers of ancient Egypt, these games offer a taste across a range of genres. Try them out and you may just find a new favorite.  

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