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R.I.P. Blogging Burnout: How To Identify And Get Out Of It

Being a blogger can be a real challenge, If you devote a lot of time to your blog, but are not satisfied with your results, for example, the number of subscribers. Dissatisfaction from the fact that the efforts go unnoticed causes negativity, blogging starts to bring more negative emotions and from this there is fatigue. Gradually the person loses interest in the blog and becomes disillusioned with what they are doing. Burnout may also have a serious impact on overall health: physical health may deteriorate, colds may start, weight problems and sleep problems (sleepiness or insomnia) may occur. Here are some tips on how to get out of it.

Take a well-deserved vacation from blogging

Having a passion doesn’t mean you don’t need a vacation. Consider taking a well-deserved break for a while and unplugging for some days, weeks, or months. Pushing yourself hard to the limit won't bring you further but make you feel exhausted.

Find a passion besides blogging

If you've started to burn out but can't go on vacation yet, devote your evenings and weekends to things you enjoy. In the early stages of burnout, this exercise helps: make a big list of everything you love and want to do - from gambling at Spinia to practicing yoga. On weekday evenings or weekends, choose an item from the list and do it. In my opinion, the easiest and most effective way to avoid emotional burnout is to switch. Sometimes at the end of the workday, you get so engrossed that you want to keep working, you walk around and think about something.

Work out a schedule if you haven’t done it yet

Even if you don’t earn money with blogging, it is important to work out a schedule for your content. Think about how often you can post without compromising your health. Be sure to take into account your overall workload and other responsibilities: if at this point in your life, for example, you have a lot of work commitments or an exam period, scale back the frequency of your posts.

Keep improving

Analyze what factors may be negatively affecting your overall productivity. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and focus on improving other skills that relate to blogging (for example, video editing and taking photos). Scale back the frequency of your posts and consider taking courses in video editing, photography, marketing, or copywriting.

Forget about analytics for a while

It may not be an easy-to-follow tip, but it is essential to do if you are experiencing burnout. Checking analytics can stress you out. Try at least temporarily, for example, for a couple of months, to abstract away from the number of followers and page views. Concentrate on the content creation process itself and try to enjoy it.

Identify the root cause of blogging burnout

Blogging burnout can have many causes, from being exhausted from working too much to a lack of motivation. Perhaps you don't like what you've been writing about lately and need to rethink your content mix or simply write posts about some new topics.

Be patient

Every result is achieved after a certain period. Take any blogger as an example: each of them spent at least a year or even two or three years to "shoot up" and get a place among the popular ones. So, if you aren't satisfied with your results, it doesn't mean you are a bad blogger at all: maybe you just need to take time and keep working,

Give yourself time to rest

If you feel that you are not in the resource, you feel bad, you are tired - then take a rest. Relaxed, rested, set up for work - and go! Many bloggers mix blogging with their personal life, and this can also be one of the reasons for overwork and burnout. Set clear plans, keep a balance between work and weekends, and distract yourself with friends, walks, and hobbies.

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