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10 Things You Might Not Know About DEADPOOL (2016)

You know "Deadpool", the merc with the mouth, the film that proved R-rated superhero movies can not only be viable but also wildly successful... But did you know what lies behind that red suit and sarcastic wit? Let's dive deep.

That's One Patient Merc: Ryan Reynolds spent over a decade trying to get a "Deadpool" movie made. Remember his debut in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"? Let’s just say he and fans alike were yearning for a more accurate portrayal.

The Real Heroes: In the opening credits, instead of traditional names, we see tags like “A British Villain” and “The Comic Relief”. Well, aren’t they the unsung heroes of every superhero flick?

The Budget Cuts: "Deadpool" had its budget slashed by $7 million just 48 hours before production started. This led to the omission of several action sequences, but hey, who needs 'em when you have breaking-the-fourth-wall skills?

About the Suit: Reynolds revealed that he took his Deadpool suit home. Can't blame him. If I had a spandex super suit, you bet I’d be doing grocery shopping in it.

Hugh "Easter Egg" Jackman: Look closely at the magazine Deadpool's holding during one scene. That handsome bloke on the cover? None other than Hugh Jackman. Can't keep Wolverine out of this, can we?

Hello, Stan!: Stan Lee's cameo? He’s the DJ in the strip club. If there’s one place you wouldn't expect Marvel’s poster boy, it’s there.

No Super-Suit for You!: Originally, Deadpool’s sidekick was going to be Cannonball. But Negasonic Teenage Warhead was chosen because of her name. And what a choice it was!

An X-Mansion Joke: Ever wonder why only two X-Men characters appear in the film? Deadpool does too and comments on the studio's inability to afford more X-Men. A meta joke? Classic Deadpool.

Improvisation King: Reynolds improvised numerous lines and jokes. It was often a challenge for the cast and crew to keep a straight face. Who wouldn't crack up with the king of one-liners around?

Helium Voice: The hilarious high-pitched voice after Deadpool inhales? No special effects. That was all Reynolds and a balloon full of helium. Who needs a post-production budget?

So, there you have it! "Deadpool" wasn’t just about gore, jokes, and breaking the fourth wall, but a melting pot of passion, improvisation, and surprise budget cuts. Remember, it's not just about the suit, but the man who took it home!

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