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A decade has passed since teen pop sensation Gabriel burst onto the scene.

Rescued from the shattered ruins of a city devastated by alien invaders, the plight of the golden-haired orphan with the face - and voice - of an angel burned brightly for a decade, winning legions of devoted fans across the world, though Gabriel has grown tired.

Not with the wealth or the adulation, but with the constant struggle to undo the terrible consequences his single moment's hesitation unleashed upon the people of Earth many years ago.

But tonight, the Tomorrow People of every generation are coming to join the struggle for humanity's future.

The Tomorrow People: Changes is a brand-new novel from Andy Davidson, from an original story by the creator/writer of the original The Tomorrow People television series, Roger Price.

This original story reintroduces us to The Tomorrow People in a unique and interesting way. Roger himself, after reading the final manuscript, said:

“When Andy sent me the manuscript, which he wrote from my detailed treatment, my response was, ‘I’m humbled – I could never have written anything this good!’”

Andy Davidson, previously writer of Jaunt – The Viewer’s Guide to The Tomorrow People, had this to say…

“Being given the keys to Roger Price’s toy cupboard is an incredible honour and I can’t wait to take fans of ‘The Tomorrow People’ on a jaunt into a new generation of adventures with friends old and new.”

Chinbeard Books, who have the exclusive literary licence for The Tomorrow People, have teamed up with Oaktree, in order to release this unique adventure.

It’s available to pre-order now, for £12.99, and will be released on December 4th 2023.

It’s also very exciting to confirm that, from 2024, there will be a new set of adventures released bi-monthly, set in the continuity of the television series. These will be written by Gary Russell, Rebecca Levene & David Derbyshire, Nigel Fairs, Joseph Lidster, and Iain McLaughlin.

It begins in January with Gary Russell’s The First One.

A rather apt title for our first release of these new stories in novel form!

Gary Russell says...

"As a child, I just wanted to be a Tomorrow Person. The TV show, the Look-In coverage, the books by wonderful Roger Price, they all promoted the fact that anyone could be one. My school friend Danny Roberts and I spent many hours trying to talk telepathically to one another, and doing everything we could to jaunt, but sadly, to no avail. So, writing this book became my chance to relieve those 1973 days, and share my adoration for John, Carol, Kenny and most of all the wonderful Stephen, my all-time fav TP (sorry the rest of you guys) and therefore he (and the much-missed and loved Peter Vaughn Clarke) are very much the reason I wrote this story."

Both The First One and Changes have had their covers illustrated and designed by Robert Hammond.

If you want to hear more about Changes, and how it came to be, then Andy Davidson will be an onstage guest at the BFI (British Film Institute) event on the 11th November 2023 at 12pm. Details below.

The Tomorrow People: A Rift in Time
+ Q&A with Nicholas Young (and Andy Davidson)

A 1970s cult TV classic and panel discussion with some of those who made it.

  • Director Darrol Blake

  • with Elizabeth Adare, Nicholas YoungPeter Vaughan-Clarke

  • ITV 1974. 4 x 25min. Total running time 130min

A new stage of human evolution brings forth a small number of young people with extraordinary powers: The Tomorrow People. In A Rift in Time, The Tomorrow People travel into the distant past to rescue one of their own number, who has been enslaved in a gladiator school. But they uncover a plot that threatens to irrevocably change the world’s timeline.

This event is dedicated to Peter Vaughan-Clarke.

Tickets available here:

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