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11 Things you might not know about THE X-FILES

Geek Dave still wants to believe.

1. Chris Carter was inspired to create The X-Files after reading a report claiming that 3.7 million Americans believe they may have been abducted by aliens. There's your core audience right there!

2. Amongst the actors who were considered for the role of Mulder were Bruce Campbell, Adam Baldwin, Dean Cain and Lou Diamond Phillips.

3. After David Duchovny was offered the part of Fox Mulder he recommended his friend, and college classmate, Jennifer Beals (Flashdance) for the role of Scully.

4. Creator Chris Carter found his Scully in Gillian Anderson, but the network executives weren't so keen. In a memo they suggested he cast a "taller, leggier, blonder and breastier" actress.

5. In September 1993 Entertainment Weekly ran a preview article for the new shows beginning that Fall on US television. When it came to The X-Files they printed the shows tag-line 'The truth is out there', and then EW went on to write "We know - this show's a goner."

6. It does not say Federal Bureau of Investigation on Mulder and Scully's FBI badges. That's because even if it's just being made for a prop on a TV show, it is illegal to make a fake FBI badge. Instead they read: The Federal Bureau of Justice, United States Department of Investigation.

7. That theme tune which we all know and love was created by accident. Composer Mark Snow rested his elbow on the keyboard with the echo function on. Chris Carter walked into the room and  liked the 'creepy' sound, so Snow built the whole theme around it.

8. When she wasn't walking, Gillian Anderson spent a lot of time stood on a specially constructed box! This was because she is 10" shorter than David Duchovny.

9. Gillian Anderson initially based her character, Dana Scully, on Jodie Foster’s performance as Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs. When Foster declined to return for the Lambs sequel, Hannibal, Anderson was approached. However she was unable to take the part because written into her X-Files contract was a clause preventing her playing any other FBI agent.

10. Remember in season 2 when Scully was abducted? It was written in to the series because Gillian Anderson was pregnant. However, whilst she was away those nasty network executives actively campaigned to have Anderson replaced by another actress full time - probably a "breastier" one. Boo! Chris Carter adamantly denied their request. Yay!

11. The X-Files had it's fair share of guest stars, including some actors who got their big break on the series, like Luke Wilson, Seth Green, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Sheppard, Shia LeBouf, Lucy Liu and Jack Black.

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