Ghostbusters 3, Bad Boys 3, Men In Black 4, The Amazing Spider-Man 4 and more. It's sequel roundup madenss! - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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Ghostbusters 3, Bad Boys 3, Men In Black 4, The Amazing Spider-Man 4 and more. It's sequel roundup madenss!

I'm convinced that the day will come when all movies released are either sequels or reboots. Hollywood is running out of new ideas and has been turning to it's back catalogue to find the next big blockbuster.

A small selection of sequel movies already filming or in production include Independence Day 2 (with Jeff Goldblum), Jurassic Park 4 (needs Jeff Goldblum), Star Wars 7 (needs Jeff Goldblum - see why), Star Trek 13, Transformers 4, The Expendables 3, Resident Evil 6 and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 (or Pirates Of The Caribbean & The Diminishing Box-Office as it's known round these parts).

The belated sequel seems to be the latest craze, although it's nothing new of course. Back in 1986 we got the rather good Paul Newman/Tom Cruise pool flick The Color Of Money, itself a belated sequel of 1961's The Hustler. There have rumblings about a third Ghostbusters movie for the longest time now. The idea was that the old boys would hand over to a new team of younger Ghostbusters (I don't want this film!). But now that Bill Murray has absolutely no interest in taking part in a supernatural jolly boys outing it seems like Sony is looking to completely reboot Ghostbusters, and has plans to do the same for the Men In Black franchise.

Men in Black 3 did surprisingly well at the box office, over $600million, but with Will Smith's star descending and his paycheck staying high it's possible that Sony aren't prepared to cough up for more of the Fresh Prince. Either that or they have other plans for Big Willie...

It's being reported that Sony have hired David Guggenheim to produce a script for a third Bad Boys movie with the hope to bring back all the key players to this franchise. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing the pic, the plan is to bring Michael Bay back into direct and it's hoped that Martin Lawrence can free up his busy schedule (a-hem!) to return alongside Mr. July.

We're quite excited about this one. Both Bad Boys films have been very entertaining and in this case a belated sequel wouldn't seem forced. As long as Will Smith doesn't pass the torch to Jaden then we're in!

Jamie Foxx finds a use for his old pager!
Finally Sony are determined to milk the cash cow that is Spider-Man. Marvel are never ever getting him back because they will produce a new movie every few years whether we want it or not. Right now, we do!

The Amazing Spider-Man was a great outing for everyone's favourite web slinger, and next Summer's imaginatively titled The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is hotly anticipated. But Sony are not stopping there, they've already confirmed the release of the third installment of June 10th 2016, and a forth is coming on May 4th 2018.

Andrew Garfield has recently confirmed that he is only committed to the first 3 Spidey movies and currently does not have a deal in place for a forth, same goes for director Marc Webb (how'd he get the job eh?). So if deals can not be negotiated expect yet another reboot of this franchise!

More news on these sequels, and the many others, as we get it.

Source : Deadline

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