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HOMELAND - what's the deal with season 4?

The Television Critics Association winter press tour continues and today David Nevins, the President of US TV channel Showtime, spoke about what is ahead for Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) in season 4 of Homeland.
"It's going to be different next year and you're going to see a different Carrie story next season. This is a show that is fundamentally about a field operative and we really haven't seen her, with the exception of the very beginning of Season 1 and the end of Season 3, we haven't seen her out in the field operating. The likely plan for next season is that we'll see her on the ground in a foreign capital doing her job." 
He also mentioned that writers were currently working on treatments for season 4 and that, even though his character Saul has left the CIA, Mandy Patinkin would still be central to the show.

The reaction to season 3 was not overly positive, certainly not matching the praise lauded on the show's first 2 seasons. Nevins took time to address that.
"From what I've read on Twitter, there were a lot of different opinions about the show this year, All I can say is thank you for being so invested. There were certain things that didn't surprise me. I thought that this season was pretty brilliant in its architecture, I thought it was very clever and very audacious what they set out for. I thought it was a really interesting season, but we always knew that we were heading towards a major reset."
On the off chance you've not seen Homeland season 3 as yet we won't reveal what that major reset was. We will only say that we all thought it was the right way for the show to go.

Homeland returns this Autumn. Will you still be watching?

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