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DOCTOR WHO - Peter Cushing's Doctor was nearly in the 50th Anniversary!?!

But, but, but he's not cannon?

You can say what you like about Steven Moffat (and many people frequently do), but he certainly does like to surprise. Under his tenure as Executive Producer of Doctor Who he has offered up a fair few shocks. From Jenna Coleman's unexpected appearance in Asylum Of The Daleks to the return of Paul McGann in The Night Of The Doctor, and not forgetting the now legendary moment...

...when we all shouted "WHAT????" at our TV screens.

But Sir Steven of Moffat had another little trick up his sleeve that he unfortunately didn't manage to pull off, referencing Peter Cushing in the 50th anniversary episode The Day Of The Doctor. This is what he had to say in an interview with Doctor Who Magazine...
When I started writing The Day of the Doctor I knew I wanted every Doctor to make some sort of appearance… But what about Peter Cushing? Now I love those movies… but they don’t exactly fit with the rest of the show, do they? … You remember that line, in the Black Archive, when Kate is explaining about the need to screen the Doctor’s known associates… She wasn’t supposed to be looking at the Vortex Manipulator – originally she was walking past the posters for the two Peter Cushing movies. In my head, in the Doctor’s universe those films exist as distorted accounts of his adventures… Sadly we couldn’t afford the rights to the posters.
Couldn't afford the rights? My Lord!

We kind of love this idea. It would've been a really nice meta reference. To think that in the Doctor's Universe someone had made a couple of films about his adventures is brilliant. It would also be nice to hear the Doctor comment about mistakes they made, "She wasn't my Granddaughter and he looks nothing like me" kind of thing.

It would've been a great way to make these movies almost cannon. What do you think? Would you like to have seen this happen?

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