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Things we loved about SHERLOCK - HIS LAST VOW

Great Scott! What a finish that was!
Hopefully it won't be another two years until the next season of Sherlock, not just because it's phenomenal television and an absolute privilege to watch but because we really want to know if #MoriartyLives or could it be Sherlock has set a plan in motion keeping him in London!

Let's get down to business then, and things we loved about His Last Vow. As usual there was a lot to love so we've narrowed it down to our 10 favourite moments...

C.A.M.'s Glasses
Or what we assumed were glasses. Damn, we were off down to Specsavers to get ourselves a pair of them. Shame.

John Gets Tough
This season has been all about John Watson in our opinion. Martin Freeman continues to be superb in every episode. Seeing him take out Sherlock's wannabe protege reminded us he's not just any old Doctor.

You Have A Girlfriend?
"You Have A Girlfriend?"

Charles Augustus Magnussen
What a brilliant villain Lars Mikkelsen made. Flicking John's face was a close second but pissing in Sherlock's fireplace had to be his finest moment.

Mary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well we didn't see that coming! We thought there was something off with Mary, solving that skip code and the look on her face when Sherlock read out a telegram message from 'Cam', but never for one minute did we think "Oh, she's clearly an ex-Secret Service assassin!" Well played Mr. Moffatt, well played.

Locked up in Sherlock's mind palace. Or is he...

Mycroft Shows Emotion
Mark Gatiss has delivered a great performance as big brother Mycroft 'Mike' Holmes this season. When he told Sherlock "your loss would break my heart", that was the icing in the cake. Or was it really just something in the punch?

"I don't understand."
"You should have that on a t-shirt."
So we did...

"I still don't understand."
"And there's the back of the t-shirt."
Merry Christmas
There is always a chance for Mr Holmes to be a hero, or should that be high functioning sociopath! After declaring his last vow at the end of the previous episode, Sherlock truly proved he was there for John, Mary and the baby by blowing Charles Augustus Magnussen's brains out, effectively destroying his mind palace and all the secrets he was carrying around.

Mind you, in the world of Sherlock blowing your brains out does not necessarily mean death...
"Miss me?"
Yes we did.

As Sherlock would say, the game is never over...

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