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Things we loved about SHERLOCK - THE SIGN OF THREE

Well that was different, wasn't it?
This season has been much more focused on the relationship between Holmes and Watson, with the detective work playing second fiddle (if you pardon the pun). The Sign Of Three was more a romantic comedy than murder mystery tale, but the 90 minutes just flew past.

Benedict Cumberbatch held court in an episode packed with moments to love, so many we've struggled to narrow them down. From Sherlock playing a real life version of Guess Who? to Mrs. Hudson's backstory. From Tom's explanation involving a meat dagger to Mycroft working out and hanging out inside Sherlock's head. This was an excellent, funny and original television outing for Conan Doyle's super sleuth, so let's look at our favourite moments...

It was clear early on that there was going to be a lot of laughs injected into The Sign Of Three, and we're certainly not complaining about that because they were very well done. Benedict Cumberbatch's delivery of "High functioning sociopath. With your number." complete with Cheshire Cat grin was hysterical.

We mentioned before that this season has been more about Sherlock and John's relationship so when Watson asks Holmes to be his Best Man, we see the moment Sherlock deduces that he has indeed got involved with 'the goldfish', and has a best friend because of it.

And of course, we have to mention the elephant in the room!

The role of Best Man truly was proving to be Sherlock's biggest challenge yet, so it's no surprise that in the weeks leading up to the wedding  he was going slightly mad and creating serviette swans.

The whole of the stag night was brilliant, from estimating the approximate volume of discharge, to... I a pretty lady? and...

...Sherlock's beer googles!

In The Empty Hearse it was Andrew Scott's Moriarty making a surprise appearance, His Last Vow gave us Lara Pulver as "The woman" in her battle dress. We'd always hoped Irene Adler would return again, hopefully next time it won't just be in Sherlock's head.

Such a shame that dancing never really comes up in crime solving (!) as the sight of Sherlock pirouetting was a delight.

Overall, another great episode of Sherlock, all the plot threads came together quite satisfactually at the end.

We we're left wondering if one of those telegrams that Sherlock kind of read out may have been from this season's big bad, Charles Augustus Magnussen, after all there was one from 'Cam'. This is what we have to look forward to next Sunday...

We will leave you with one final Sherlock oddity we discovered this weekend...

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