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The Most Amazing Gaming World

Everyone loves playing games. Today, we find more and more new gaming studios that are creating more interesting games. Basically, everyone can find something special for themselves. If you enjoy shooting, there are many interesting shooters in different genres. If you love feeling the adrenaline, test your luck at PlayAmo. If you love strategy games, you can find many different games on different gaming platforms such as Steam. Play fair and have fun!

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store will soon give away two games: the strategic Fort Triumph and the role-playing RPG in a Box. It will be possible to pick up titles from December 1 to December 8. Do not miss the chance.

A strategy game that combines turn-based combat from XCOM with the exploration of the world from HOMM. Build cities, collect artifacts, develop heroes and use your surroundings in battle!

Realize your stories and ideas! RPG in a Box is an affordable tool for creating games and other interactive adventures in a simple and fun way.

Fort Triumph was released in 2020 and received mostly positive reviews from both gamers and critics. On Steam, the title has 79% positive reviews. RPG in a Box was also warmly received.


Presented cinematic shooter Shrapnel, which runs on the blockchain. You can find a video about an operative finds a resource that literally fell from the sky, and then an intense struggle begins for it. The trailer was made in one take.

From the point of view of the cinematics itself, everything looks nice, and the main task of the gameplay is clearly shown to the audience to remove the resource from the map. The mechanics are reminiscent of the DMZ mode from Call of Duty or Escape From Tarkov.

The game is being created on Unreal Engine 5, but the quality of the gameplay leaves much to be desired. Skirmishes can be assessed in the video below. Visually, everything looks good, but there is no sound of gunfights, and shooting looks rather strange and clumsy. The game takes place in 2044 after an asteroid hit the moon in 2038. Thanks to the blockchain, players will be able to truly own all of the game's internal content. For example, operatives will be in NFT format.

The release date remains unknown. Shrapnel is coming to PC.

The Callisto Protocol

Studio Striking Distance has published a trailer for the brutal horror The Callisto Protocol with live actors. The video perfectly builds up tension, showing two fragments of the story in parallel.

The video runs quite smoothly, preferring to add more creepiness drop by drop than to pour it into the viewer's face with a loud scream. The shots are delivered interestingly, and some moments were a success. The action takes place on Jupiter's moon Callisto in the 24th century. A prison for especially dangerous criminals has been deployed on the satellite, but at some point, frightening events begin to occur in it.

You will play as a prisoner who will try to save his life and escape with Callisto. The Callisto Protocol releases on December 2nd for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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