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DOCTOR WHO - Peter Capaldi to face the DALEKS in series 8

Work is well underway on Peter Capaldi's debut season as the Doctor. We've seen the pictures of the supposed villain in the opening episode, there's the rumour that a certain other Time Lord will return towards the end of the year and now the Daily Star claim that the new Doctor will be facing off against the show's most iconic villains, the Daleks.

Apparently BBC bosses originally wanted to give the Daleks a rest for this series but according to The Star...
Capaldi, 55, who admits he is massive fan of the show, told producers it had been his childhood dream to fight the iconic pepperpot villains – and he has got his wish.
The Star also accompanied this report with the most unfaltering picture of Peter Capaldi they could find. Oddly, he looks a lot like my Nan...

The main thing I take from this is not so much the return of the Daleks, that's hardly a surprise, but if the BBC really wanted to give them a rest for a year then why couldn't Capaldi face them next season? Am I reading way too much into that or is he going to be another one season Doctor?

Way back at the end of last year one of my collegues wrote about the possibility of Peter Capaldi doing only one season and a tenth anniversary special. I know we've not seen him in action yet but I really hope he sticks around a while, I think he's got such potential to be a truly great Doctor.

What do you think?

Source: The Star

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