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DOCTOR WHO: What if JEFF GOLDBLUM was the Doctor?

When the BBC cancelled Doctor Who back in 1989 there was talk of a US version of the show being produced. At one time both Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby were considered for a proposed movie version. Thankfully that never happened! We did of course get Paul McGann in the role of the 8th Doctor in the 1996 TV movie, and whatever your opinion of that is, it's hard to argue that McGann wasn't a brilliant choice.

But if the show had continued without a 7 year gap, and Doctor number 8 was bought to us in 1990 courtesy of our American cousins then who could have played Who?

Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that Jeff Goldblum would've made an amazing Doctor.

I won't even try to attempt to hide my man-love for Jeff Goldblum, frankly I would watch him in anything he does whatsoever (I even tuned into Glee just because he was in it!), but I genuinely do believe he would've made a great Doctor.

All that hand acting he does combined with his stature and screen presence could lead to one of the finest Doctors we've ever seen. In the same way that Tom Baker basically just lived the role of the Doctor, I think Jeff Goldblum should've just been allowed to turn up and be Jeff Goldblum, Time Lord extraordinaire!

Mommy's very angry!
There was a small window of opportunity when Jeff Goldblum could've been cast in the show, after The Fly and before Jurassic Park. At that time his Hollywood star was in it's ascendance but he hadn't reached his mid-90s imperial phase. Maybe someone could've shown him some Doctor Who whilst he was in the UK in 88/89 filming The Tall Guy - he might've fallen in love with that part and made it happen. It's certainly cooky enough for him, and he's always been attracted to roles like that.

After the terrible way the BBC had treated Doctor Who in the latter half of the 80s, it would've been a good thing for a fresh approach to the series, so a US production might've been just what it needed.

There's an argument to be made that an American version should've been a reboot, that wouldn't work nowadays but back in 1990 when Doctor Who was really only at a level of cult status in the USA it would probably have been wise to give the show a fresh start if it was to be successful. This would also give the chance to revisit some of the earlier popular stories, and possibly film some of those missing adventures like The Evil Of The Daleks.

Whilst we're in this era, let's think of the other talent that could've been working on the show. A pre-Buffy Joss Whedon as a regular writer maybe? Goldblum's then wife Geena Davis (whatever happened to her?) as his companion. And I've got two great choices for potential Masters.

Alan Rickman's name was often mentioned as a potential Doctor, but I think he would've killed it as the Master. Hollywood does like to cast a Brit as the bad guy after all. Just a bit of a tidy of his beard, a quick slick back of the hair and he's almost Anthony Ainley...

Alternatively how about Michael Keaton as the evil renegade Time Lord? Keaton makes an amazing villain (see Pacific Heights for proof) and he's always great to watch. His Master would be an absolute psycho.

"The Time Lords are all gone."...."Uh, don't you mean extinct?"

So if an American version of Doctor Who had gone ahead back in 1990 who would you have cast as an the Doctor?

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