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MAN OF STEEL 2 round-up - a new name? BatSuit news and another possible casting!

With so much going on with the production of Zack Snyder's new Superman film we thought we'd round up some recent tasty news-morsels into one handy digestible post. Starting with a potential new name for the untitled Superman-Batman project.

The upcoming Man Of Steel 2, often referred to as Batman vs Superman, is still without an official name, but Warner Bros have just registered another new web domain, one of which might just give us the possible title. 

Over the last few months they have registered domain names for (deep breath) Man of Steel Battle the Knight, Man of Steel Beyond Darkness, Man of Steel Black of Knight, Man of Steel Darkness Falls, Man of Steel Knight Falls, Man of Steel Shadow of the Night, Man of Steel The Blackest Hour and Man of Steel The Darkness Within (phew), and now the latest one is (ta da da)...

Man Of Steel Fight Or Flight.

What do you think? Better than most of the others but personally I don't really like any of the names registered so far. I wouldn't put it past them to just stick with Man Of Steel 2.

On to another casting rumour.
Dwayne Johnson posted this picture on Instagram...

...and accompanied it with #JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss. Does this mean that Dwayne Johnson is prepping to take on the role of John Stewart, the Green Lantern in Man Of Steel 2? Maybe, or maybe the movie is shooting back to back with The Justice League. I would think the latter is more likely, this movie's getting pretty crowded already.

Matt Damon has been chatting about Ben Affleck's Bat Suit; “I have seen a picture. It's excellent. And I've talked to him about the storyline, and it's great. Look, I've known him for thirty-something years,” he said. “I'd be the first guy being like, 'Buddy, what are you doing?' But I think the movie is going to be great.”

Finally, here's an interesting video interview from last October. Jesse Eisenberg and Richard Ayoade talk to Total Film about their favourite characters from Batman vs Superman. Eisneberg's casting as Lex Luthor would not be announced for another 3 months, but did he already know...

Batman Vs Superman, er Man Of Steel 2, or maybe Man Of Steel: Fight Or Flight is scheduled to fly into cinemas on May 6th 2016.

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